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Frauke Ludowig has gained notoriety on German radio and television. She started her career in media after graduating from Hölty-Gymnasium Wunstorf. Ludowig decided to go in a different direction after graduating from high school and trained to become a bank clerk.


Frauke Ludowig was born in Wunstorf, Germany, on January 10, 1964. Between 1988 and 1990, Frauke Ludwig began her career in the media as a volunteer at a radio station ffn in Copenhagen. She interacted with the audience and hosted morning broadcasts there, showcasing her multifaceted skills. It was this experience that prepared her for her move to television.

Ludowig moved to the prominent German television network RTL in 1990, and she has been influential there ever since. Her remarkable career at RTL is evidence of her adaptability and audience-connecting skills.

The fact that Frauke Ludowig has been hosting “Exclusiv – Das Starmagazin” since May 1994 is among her most noteworthy achievements for RTL. For those who are curious about the lives of celebrities and public personalities, the show has become a must-see. It covers subjects akin to those reported in the tabloid press.

Beyond “Exclusiv,” Ludowig was also on film as the host of the yearly “Domino Day” from 2004 to 2009. She also occasionally hosted the lifestyle magazine “Life – Die Lust zu Leben,” which gave viewers an insight into a variety of facets of modern life.

Ludowig is a well-known figure to audiences looking for the most recent entertainment news because she reported on royal weddings, funerals, and VIP events.

Frauke Ludowig’s appointment as RTL Deutschland’s Creative Director VIP on October 1, 2021, strengthened her position as the network’s top executive.

How old is Frauke Ludowig?

Frauke Ludowig was born in Wunstorf, Germany, on January 10, 1964. As of 2024, she is 60 years old.

Frauke Ludowig Height

Frauke Ludwig stands at a height of about 5 ft 7 in / 170 cm.

Frauke Ludowig Net Worth

Frauke Ludowig has an estimated net worth of about $2 million.



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