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About William Fraser Anning

William Fraser Anning, an Australian former politician, was a senator for Queensland from November 2017 until June 2019. He was born on October 14, 1949. When Anning suggested a plebiscite as the “Final Solution” to “the immigration problem” in his maiden speech, it was criticized for using the Nazi euphemism for the Holocaust. Anning is notorious for espousing far-right, nativist, and anti-Muslim beliefs. In the days before the killings at the New Zealand mosque in Christchurch, Anning made controversial remarks in which he attributed the attacks to “the immigration scheme that permitted Muslim fanatics to migrate.”

The dismissal of One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts prompted a special recount, which resulted in Anning’s election to the Senate. Anning decided against joining One Nation in the Senate and continued to serve as an independent until June 2018, when he became the first senator for Katter’s Australian Party (KAP). In October 2018, Anning was kicked out of Bob Katter’s Party due to his stances on immigration and race.

Until the Conservative National Party’s registration was approved in April 2019, Anning continued to serve as an independent. In the 2019 federal election, he was unsuccessful in winning re-election to the Senate while running as a member of his own party.

The white nationalist affiliations of several of Anning’s closest advisers have been described in detail by White Rose Society and ABC News. Neil Erikson, a convicted felon, and members of the violent white supremacist group True Blue Crew, whose members and supporters have been connected to right-wing terrorism, have been among his associates.

Late in 2019, Anning was pursued after by creditors for outstanding debts, and on March 16, 2020, she was declared bankrupt.

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Political Career

Anning is adamantly opposed to abortion. As one of the twelve senators who voted against the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017, which made same-sex marriage legal in Australia, he is opposed to same-sex marriage. Anning was one of ten senators who supported a motion introduced by Cory Bernardi in 2017 rejecting Medicare funding of gender-selective abortion. The motion failed with 36 votes against it.

Anning declared on March 22, 2018, that he would back the Turnbull Government’s suggested corporation tax reductions.

In order to “enable women to defend themselves,” Anning proposed a private member’s bill calling for less restrictive import regulations for mace, pepper spray, and tasers. David Leyonhjelm, Peter Georgiou, Cory Bernardi, and Brian Burston all backed it, while the Greens and both main parties opposed it.

As the party’s first senator, Anning joined Katter’s Australian Party on June 4, 2018, but was later dismissed due to his divisive statements on immigration.
In 2018, Anning called the perpetrators of attacks on South African farms “subhuman” and asserted that a “genocide” was being coordinated by the South African government.

In an address to the Senate, Anning argued that Safe Schools was “sexually deviant propaganda” that threatened “the white family.” He called the curriculum “gender fluidity nonsense” and criticized it.

On January 5, 2019, Anning showed up at a demonstration organized by United Patriots Front founder and far-right extremist Blair Cottrell in Melbourne, Australia.

He started the registration procedure for his new political party, “Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party,” with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) in January 2019. The party’s registered name is “The Conservative Nationals.” The AEC granted official registration of such abbreviation on April 2, 2019, following the withdrawal of the proposal to register it.

It was reported by the ABC in early April 2019 that Zack Newton, an electoral officer on Senator Anning’s staff, had said, “Amusing to think I went from shitposting at home and now I’m shitposting in parliament, but here I am hahaha.”

Bankruptcy And Further Developments

On March 16, 2020, while Anning was not present, the Federal Court of Australia issued an order winding up his estate as part of an ongoing dispute with Adelaide and Bendigo Bank, which was pursuing a debt of $185,000 related to Mr. Anning’s investment in an unsuccessful agribusiness scheme. Adelaide and Bendigo Bank was pursuing this debt. His bankruptcy is scheduled to begin on July 15, 2019. In 2019, Anning was visiting family in the United States, according to individuals close to him, and he hasn’t yet said when he’ll return to Australia. He kept making posts on the Fraser Anning-Former Senator Facebook page.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) filed a lawsuit against Anning in November 2020, demanding a fine of up to $26,640 for allegedly failing to submit the necessary financial returns for the 2018–19 fiscal year. The AEC abandoned the matter on February 16, 2021, thinking Anning to be abroad despite numerous attempts to reach him and being unable to locate him in Australia.

Fraser Anning was the subject of a biography written by Adrian David Cheok in 2021.

Fraser Anning Net Worth

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