Franz Kafka’s Cause of Death: Full Details

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Franz Kafka was known to be a German-speaking Bohemian novelist and short-story writer based in Prague. He was born on July 3, 1883, and he was considered one of the major figures of 20th-century literature. This was due to the fact that he makes use of the elements of realism and the fantastic.

Franz Kafka was born to Hermann Kafka (1854–1931) and Julie (1856–1934). The parents of Franz Kafka had six children and Franz Kafka was the eldest. Franz’s two brothers, Georg and Heinrich, died in infancy before Franz was seven; his three sisters were Gabriele (“Elli”) (1889–1944), Valerie (“Valli”) (1890–1942) and Ottilie (“Ottla”) (1892–1943).

All three were murdered in the Holocaust of World War II. Concerning education, Franz Kafka attended the Deutsche Knabenschule German boys’ elementary school at the Masný trh/Fleischmarkt (meat market), now known as Masná Street between 1889 to 1893. He also attended the rigorous classics-oriented state gymnasium, Altstädter Deutsches Gymnasium, an academic secondary school at Old Town Square, within the Kinský Palace.

Franz Kafka was admitted to the Deutsche Karl-Ferdinands-Universität of Prague in 1901. Initially, he was studying chemistry but switched to Law. The novella The Metamorphosis and the novels The Trial and The Castle form part of his best-known works.

Franz Kafka trained as a lawyer and got employed by an insurance company. As a result of that, he could not make time for writing but he managed to write hundreds of letters to family and close friends, including his father.

It must be noted that even though Franz Kafka was engaged to several women, he never got married. Regardless, he was a prolific writer and a few of his works via the story collections Contemplation and A Country Doctor.

Franz Kafka commanded his close friend and literary executor Max Brod through his WILL to destroy his unfinished works, which included his novels The Trial, The Castle, and Amerika, but Max Brod did not do so.

Franz Kafka’s Cause of Death

Franz Kafka was diagnosed with laryngeal tuberculosis in August 1917. It worsened and in March 1924 he returned from Berlin to Prague. He went and in March 1924 he returned from Berlin to Prague to Hugo Hoffmann’s sanatorium in Kierling on April 10, 1924, for treatment.

Unfortunately, he died on June 3, 1924. Even though he had laryngeal tuberculosis, his death was attributed to starvation as the laryngeal tuberculosis made it painful for him to eat. Franz Kafka was buried in Prague on June 11, 1924, in the New Jewish Cemetery in Prague-Žižkov.

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