Frank Plasberg Children. Who are they?

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The well-known journalist and former TV host Frank Plasberg was born in Remscheid, Germany, on May 18, 1957, and is well acknowledged for his significant contributions to the media landscape. The long career Plasberg had in media and television is examined in this piece, along with his early interactions.

Early Life and Education

Frank Plasberg was raised in the Wermelskirchen Tente area, even though he was born in Remscheid. His parents, Gudrun Maus and Günter Plasberg, had a significant effect on him early in life. Dad worked in sales, while his mother was a pediatric nurse. The lone child Plasberg started out as a journalist in Wermelskirchen. A little later, he moved to Cologne, where he remains now.

Plasberg shown his love of journalism even in his school days when he worked as a freelancer for the Rheinische Post. He started an apprenticeship at the Schwäbische Zeitung in Leutkirch im Allgäu in 1975 after graduating from high school. He worked as a police reporter and editor for the Münchner Abendzeitung after completing his basic military duty at the Federal Ministry of Defense in Bonn.

Plasberg continued his study after finding his early journalism career to be taxing, enrolling in Cologne’s Theater Studies, Politics, and Pedagogy programs in 1980. During the course of his 17 semesters of education, he began his radio career on SWF3.

Career From 1987 to 2002, Plasberg co-hosted the WDR show Aktuelle Stunde alongside Christine Westermann. He was named the program’s editorial director in 1993. In 1988, during the Gladbeck hostage crisis, Plasberg faced criticism for having conversations with the hostage-takers; the German Press Council later condemned this decision. After considering this 2003 incident carefully, Plasberg acknowledged his mistake of judgment.

The most significant contribution Plasberg made on television was serving as host of the political discussion program “hart aber fair” from 2001 until 2022. The show was shown on both Erste and WDR television. He co-founded Ansager & Schnipselmann GmbH & Co KG in 2005 with producer Jürgen Schulte, exploring many projects, including “hart aber fair”.

Throughout his career, Plasberg also moderated quiz shows, election coverage, and talk shows. Notable moments include co-moderating the state elections for North Rhine-Westphalia and the 2009 federal election television duel.

Who are Frank Plasberg’s Children?

Frank Plasberg has two children; a son and a daughter. He has a son with his wife Anne Gesthuysen and also has a daughter with his ex-wife Angela Maas.


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