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Frank Matano was born in Santa Maria Capua Vetere in 1989. His adolescent years were distinct from his childhood in Carinola as he studied in the United States and completed his schooling at Cranston High School East in Rhode Island.


His diverse career began when he, at the age of 18, achieved recognition online in Italy with his YouTube channel in 2007. Matano’s online journey began with his YouTube channel, where he achieved considerable success with videos featuring telephone pranks and social experiments. His online presence and engaging content quickly catapulted him to fame, making him the first Italian YouTuber to amass over one million subscribers.

During the 2009 season of “Le Iene,” Matano made his television debut as a presenter and envoy. This was the start of his forays into the world of television entertainment. The following year, he presented the phone-pranking series “Sky Scherzando?” on Sky.

In 2013, Francesco Matano made his acting debut in “Fuga di cervelli,” directed by Paolo Ruffini. This marked the beginning of his foray into the world of cinema. He continued his cinematic journey with roles in films such as “Tutto molto bello” (2014) and “I’m Back” (2018), directed by Luca Miniero.

Matano’s on-screen presence extended to dubbing, lending his voice to the Italian version of the South Park series.In 2015, he was honored as the “Revelation of the Year” at the TV Direction Award. His dynamic presence on television continued as he took on the role of a judge in “Italia’s Got Talent,” showcasing his ability to evaluate and appreciate diverse talents.

In more recent years, Francesco Matano has maintained a consistent presence in the Italian entertainment landscape. He co-presented “Le Iene” alongside Ilary Blasi and Giampaolo Morelli on Sundays.

He also collaborated with Claudio Bisio in presenting “The Comedians” in 2017. Matano’s filmography expanded with roles in films like “Tonno spiaggiato” (2018), directed by Matteo Martinez.Matano’s journey in entertainment continues, with his participation in the Italian comedy show “LOL – Chi ride è fuori” in 2021.

Who are Frank Matano’s Parents?

There is not much information about Frank Matano’s parents. However, Matano’s mother was American and his father was Italian.


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