Frank Elstner Illness: Full Details

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Frank Elstner is a German television presenter who was born on April 19, 1942. Frank Elstner became widely known after he had moderated a German radio broadcasting program on Radio Luxembourg. He was involved in shows on television such as It’s A Knockout and Die Montagsmaler.

Frank Elstner was the brain behind the show Wetten , Dass? in 1981. The show became very popular to the extent that it became one of the most successful shows in Europe.

He was awarded with a Bambi, the German television and media prize. He also worked for ZDF television company for some years and subsequently switched to RTL when the viewing figures were reduced.

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Frank Elstner also presented the German version of the quiz show, Jeopardy. He has his own company, Elstnertainment. The company focuses on developing new ideas and concepts for TV shows. It also sells these new ideas and concepts to both the public and private television companies.

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Currently, Frank Elstner works for Sudwestrundfunk(SWR) and presents the talk show, Menschen der Woche. He has also worked as a presenter for ARD since September 2002.

Frank Elstner Illness

It’s known that Frank Elstner has microphthalmia and as such, he wears an ocular prosthetic. Microphthalmia can be said to be a developmental disorder of the eye in which one or both eyes are abnormally small and have anatomic malformations.

This condition of the eye is said to arise due to interference with postnatal eye growth. Microphthalmia is most of the time diagnosed soon after birth. Initial diagnosis occurs after the eyes are inspected through the lids.

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Measurements of the cornea are also used in diagnosing this condition. Unfortunately microphthalmia cannot be cured . It can however be managed.


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