Francesca Fagnani Boyfriend. Meet Enrico Mentana

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Francesca Fagnani, who was born in Rome, Italy, on November 25, 1976, is a well-known personality in Italian journalism and television hosting. She has successfully negotiated the media landscape with a degree in literature and an acute awareness of societal concerns. She is well-known for her perceptive reporting and captivating television personality.


Francesca Fagnani’s academic journey led her to graduate from “La Sapienza” with a degree in Modern Literature, specializing in Dante’s philology. Armed with a passion for literature and a thirst for knowledge, Fagnani ventured into the dynamic field of journalism.

In 2001, she joined Rai, Italy’s national public broadcasting company, marking the beginning of her impactful career. Fagnani’s initiation into the world of journalism coincided with a pivotal moment in history. Stationed at the New York branch of Rai, she, alongside Giovanni Floris, bore witness to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, as the twin towers were attacked.

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Francesca Fagnani made her television debut as a journalist on “Annozero,” a program hosted by Giovanni Minoli and Michele Santoro when she returned to Rome. Her early work, “The Price,” demonstrated her commitment to powerful narrative. Fagnani interviewed young people at juvenile detention centers for this show, concentrating on offenses linked to organized crime. Concurrently, she wrote pieces for La Repubblica exploring the subjects of crime and mafia.

Since 2018, Fagnani has been the host and author of the show “Belve.” Initially airing on Nove for three seasons (2018-2019), the program later found a new home on Rai 2 in 2021. “Belve” quickly garnered attention and emerged as one of the most-watched programs on Rai.

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Her reputation as an informed voice on societal issues has been further solidified by her frequent appearances as a pundit on “Quarta Repubblica” on Rete 4 and “Non è l’Arena” on LA7, which stem from her expertise in subjects about Rome’s underworld.

As seen by her brief appearance as co-host of an episode of “Le Iene” alongside Nicola Savino on November 30, 2021, Francesca Fagnani’s flexibility extends beyond television. Her brief stint as Geppi Cucciari’s replacement on Radiouno’s “Un giorno da Pecora” in 2022 demonstrated her versatility in various media.

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Francesca Fagnani’s impact on Italian media was highlighted when she co-hosted the second evening of the Sanremo Festival on February 8, 2023. Following this, her show “Lei belve” began airing in prime time on Rai 2 on February 21, further establishing her as a prominent figure in Italian television.

On June 24, 2023, Fagnani hosted the charity concert “Italia Loves Romagna” on Rai 1.

Who is Francesca Fagnani’s Boyfriend?

Francesca Fagnani has been in a relationship with her journalist boyfriend Enrico Mentana since 2013.


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