Folco Terzani First Wife: Full Details

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Folco Terzani can be described as an  Italian director, writer and screenwriter. Folco Terzani was born on August 23, 1969, and his parents are the journalist and writer Tiziano Terzani and Angela Staude.

Tiziano Terzani was born in Florence in 1938 and he was one of Italy’s best-known reporters. He spent almost three decades in Asia working as a correspondent for the German weekly Der Spiegel, writing the odd piece for Italy’s big papers.

It must be noted that Folco Terzani spent his childhood days in a lot of countries. This was due to the work of his father. Over the years, Folco Terzani has stayed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok and New Delhi.

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With respect to education, it must be noted that Folco Terzani attended schools in China. He also graduated in modern literature at Cambridge. He also enrolled at the New York University Film School.

Folco Terzani produced a medium-length documentary, Mother Teresa’s First Love in 1997. It must be stated that the medium-length documentary, Mother Teresa’s First Love was inspired by Folco Terzani year’s experience with Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s home for the dying.

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Due to how fascinated he was about Asia, Folco Terzani Folco Terzani also made a film on the Sadhus of the Himalayas. He edited his father’s book The End is My Beginning in 2006 and four years later, he also wrote a film based on this work.

In 2011, Folco Terzani wrote a book, Barefoot on Earth and published Il cane il wolf e dio for Longanesi in 2017.
L’Avvenire, the newspaper of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, once accused the fans of Folco Terzani of turning him into the very thing that he would not have wished to become: “a guru, a holy man, a Tuscan Sai Baba.”

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Folco Terzani First Wife

Currently, there is no update on the first wife of Folco Terzani.

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