Floor Paint Price in Ghana.. January 2023

floor paint price
floor paint price

Floor Paint Price in Ghana

In this post, we bring you the price of floor paints in Ghana and where to get affordable floor paint to buy.

After successfully building say a 3-bedroom house, screeding is one of the last things you need to think of. The floor can be screeded with cement, tiles or floor paint.

Floor paints happen to be one of the underutilized flooring options for contractors in Ghana. Most at times, floor tiles are used for the work.

Is floor paint good?

A good-quality floor paint will withstand harsh conditions, be safe to walk on and look good. Most importantly, it will help protect your floor and save you money in the long term

Have you thought of using floor paint for your room? Floor paints come with different feel and luxury. There are several types of floor paints. Some of them are listed below:

  • Epoxy floor paints


Price of floor paint in Ghana

The cost of 3d epoxy floor paint in Ghana is GHS 65 – GHS 150. The price may differ among suppliers. Also note that workmanship is not included in the price.

floor paint price

Epoxy flooring paint consist mainly two parts, the resin and the hardener. A mixture of equal parts of is required to correctly paint the floor.


Floor painting is the new technology. Building contractors should adapt to this system as it is cheaper, durable and healthy.

Epoxy can also be used for ceiling and wall painting. Consult an epoxy expert for more information. If you need a place to buy your affordable floor paints in Ghana, send a WhatsApp message to +233266436881.


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