Fiona Coors Children; All You Need To Know

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Who Is Fiona Coors?

Fiona Coors born June 7, 1972, in Hamelin is a German actress and voice actress. She has a remarkable career in both cinema and television and is the daughter of actor Stephan Schwartz.

Coors started her acting studies in 1989 and attended a number of different schools, including Studio 33, the Stage School Hamburg, and the Lola Rogge School. During this time, she also attended dance courses to improve her performance abilities.

Coors’ first significant breakthrough came in 1988 with the family television series “Body and Soul.” Her appearance in numerous television films and series, including “Schuld war nur der Bossa Nova” (1992), “Das Traumschiff,” “Peter Strohm,” “Rosamunde Pilcher” films, “Donna Leon,” and “Ein Fall für Zwei,” followed.

Fiona Coors
Fiona Coors

In the television series “The Public Prosecutor,” Coors played the chief inspector and single mother Kerstin Klar, one of her most acclaimed performances.

Between 2005 and 2023, she shared the screen with actors Rainer Hunold, Marcus Mittermeier, Simon Eckert, and Max Hemmersdorfer.

Between 2003 and 2005, Coors also finished a yoga teacher training programme in addition to her acting profession. This demonstrates her concern for health and leading a balanced lifestyle.

Coors presently resides not far from Munich, where she keeps up her acting endeavours. Her performances have delighted viewers and had a tremendous impact on the German cinema and television business.

Fiona Coors’ varied filmography demonstrates her acting flexibility, and she is still a well-known character in the German entertainment sector.

Who Are Fiona Coors’s Children?

Fiona Coors does not have any known children at the moment as she is very much focused on her career as a German actress and voice actress.

Fiona Coors Filmography

Year Title
1988 Body and Soul (2 episodes)
1991 The Bank Is Undamaged
1991 Leo and Charlotte
1992 The Photographer or The Eye of God
1992 The Bossa Nova Was to Blame
1992 Darned Passion
1993 The Dream Ship – Hong Kong
1993 In the Vicious Circle
1993 Derrick – After Eight Long Years
1993 The Investigator – Father Love
1994 Doctors: From Doctor to Doctor
1995 Rude Awakening
1995 Peter Strohm – The Death of the Little Lady
1995 The Commissioner – Rude Awakening
1995 An Unforgettable Weekend – In St. Moritz
1995 Against the Wind – Pilot
1995 Rosamunde Pilcher – Snow Storm in Spring
1999 A Big Thing
1999 Heartbeat – The Medical Team North – Childless
2000 The Investigator – An Eye for an Eye
2000 Donna Leon – Venetian Charade
2001-2006 A Case for Two (3 episodes)
2001 Steel Net – The Glass Paradise
2001 Forbidden Kisses
2003 Krista (6 episodes)
2003 Dear Sister
2004 Bella Block: The Freedom of the Wolves
2004 SOKO Cologne – Blue Red Dead
2005-2023 The Prosecutor
2005 Adelheid and Her Murderers – Ordeal
2006 News from Büttenwarder – State Visit
2006 Operation in Hamburg – Murder on Prescription
2007 4 vs. Z (12 episodes)
2007 Coast Guard – Ship of the Detectives
2008 Wilsberg: Royal Flush
2009 The Old One – The Dark Truth
2010 Cruise to Happiness – Honeymoon to Bermuda
2011 In All Friendship – Men’s Hearts
2012 Katie Fforde – Diagnosis Love
2013 The Rosenheim Cops – Deadly Competition
2013 SOKO 5113 – Spyed Out
2013 SOKO Cologne – The Big Hit
2015 Blue Water Life
2017 Katie Fforde – Matter of the Heart
2017 SOKO 5113 – The Investigating Judge
2018 WaPo Bodensee – Blood Brothers
2020 The Prosecutor: Zero Tolerance (Season 15 Premiere)
2022 In All Friendship – The Young Doctors – Overcoming
2022 Inga Lindström: Fleeing Horses in Sörmland

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