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Filiz Tasdan can be described as a  German stand-up comedian. It must be noted that Filiz Tasdan was born in 1982 and as such, she should be 41 years old. Filiz Tasdan is also an advertising copywriter, self-employed copywriter and freelance author, among other things. for Comedy Central and Late Night Berlin.

She is known to live in Berlin. So far as comedy is concerned, she is a member of StandUp 44 and she has also made appearances in NightWash, Till Reiners’ Happy Hour and Late Night Berlin. Filiz Tasdan was featured in the Audimax with her StandUp 44 colleagues Kinan Al and Daniel Wolfson during the end of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the University of Paderborn.

This was in 2022. It must be indicated that Filiz Tasdan has been the co-host of the podcast Dick & Sick since 2021 alongside Al. The podcast Dick & Sick is partly named after the former name FrauenQuote .

Filiz Tasdan took part in Felix Lobrecht’s program titled All you can eat. As a result of this, she got the chance to be on different stages and the Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin was one of them. Filiz Tasdan is a regular face and participant alongside Moritz Neumeier and Till Reiners on the Fritz-run YouTube channel Comedy Collective.

Together with Moritz Neumeier and Till Reiners, they work on the show Wrong But Funny. With an emphasis on Carolin Kebekus ‘ stand-up mix show Funny Bones which was held in 2023, she took part. Filiz Tasdan also took part in 1LIVE Cologne Comedy Night XXL in 2023.

Filiz Tasdan’s solo program is called SUPER PLUS. Over the years, she is known to have made appearances in programs such as 2022: The ZDF Comedy Summer, Episode 3,2023: Till Reiners’ Happy Hour XXL – The Summer Party ( 3sat ),2023: The ZDF Comedy Summer, Episode 5, 2023: 1LIVE Cologne Comedy Night XXL  and since 2023: wrong, but funny ( YouTube channel Comedy Collective )

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Filiz Tasdan’s Age

Filiz Tasdan was born in 1982 and as such, she should be 41 years old. She will turn 42 years in 2024.

Filiz Tasdan’s Height

The height of Filiz Tasdan is currently not available.

Filiz Tasdan’s Weight

Filiz Tasdan’s Weight is also yet to be updated

Filiz Tasdan’s Net Worth

The net worth of Filiz Tasdan is yet to be updated.

Filiz Tasdan’s Parents

Information on the parents of Filiz Tasdan is yet to be updated.

Filiz Tasdan’s Boyfriend/ Husband

The boyfriend of Filiz Tasdan is believed to be Paul Salamone. He is a comedian and designer. He is active on Instagram and uses the account paul_salamone_comedy

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Filiz Tasdan’s Biography, Wikipedia

Filiz Tasdan can be accessed on Wikipedia via


Filiz Tasdan’s Children

Information on the children of Filiz Tasdan is not available


Filiz Tasdan’s Birth Date.

The month and day on which Filiz Tasdan was born is not currently available. She was however born in 1982.

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