FDA suspends operations of Yellow Sisi Waakye joint in Oyibi


Following the event of an alleged food contamination incident that occurred at Oyibi Bush Canteen on the 22nd of January, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) have been conducting investigations since the matter was reported to them by their Food Safety Alert system.

The FDA is investigating together with the Ghana Health Service and per their investigations, 53 people were affected by the foodborne disease after consuming the Waakye and stew from Yellow Sisi and one person has been reported dead. The exact cause of death is yet to be known.

Environmental Assessments of Yellow Sisi’s Waakye joints indicates poor food handling practices which could have caused the contamination.

The FDA has suspended all operations of Yellow Sisi and all her other branches until measures are put in place to ensure full compliance to prevent future occurrences.

Read the statement by the FDA below;

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