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About Fat Joe

Joseph Antonio Cartagena is the real name of Fat Joe. He was born on August 19th, 1970 in New York City’s South Bronx district. Puerto Rican and Cuban immigrants founded Cartagena. Cartagena was pushed early towards a life of crime since he was raised in a harsh, underprivileged area. During his school years, he called himself a “bully” and frequently stole to help feed his family. Joseph’s brother exposed him to his true love of life at an early age: hip-hop music.

Fat Joe Career

Cartagena joined the Diggin’ in the Crates Crew in 1992 and adopted the stage name “Fat Joe da Gangster” (D.I.T.C). He had the opportunity to work with a variety of musicians during this time, developing useful networking ties that he would later use to develop his record company. His debut album was ready to be released in 1993 when he was initially signed to Relativity Records.

The single “Flow Joe” appeared on Fat Joe’s debut solo album, Represent. The song sent Fat Joe to the top of the Rap Charts and gave him a head start in the music industry. He released his second album, Jealous One’s Envy, in 1995 as a follow-up. Fat Joe’s fame was further cemented by the successful chart performance of the song “Envy.” When he encountered LL Cool J during a recording session in the studio, things progressed further. He was asked to record in the booth for the song “I Shot Ya,” and he later made an appearance in the music video.

Fat Joe began working with Big Pun around this time, who he had personally discovered. On his third album, Don Cartegena, released in 1998, Fat Joe collaborated with musicians including Nas, Diddy, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Both “Bet Ya Man Can’t Triz” and the song of the same name went on to become significant hits. Additionally, with the help of this record, Fat Joe’s new Terror Squad group—which included Big Pun, Cuban Link, Prospect, and others—was introduced. Fat Joe also promoted a number of artists under his own record company, Terror Squad, which bore his name.

For his fourth album, Jealous Ones Still Envy, Fat Joe continued to work with well-known musicians. Irv Gotti produced the album, which included performances by Ashanti, Ja Rule, and Ludacris. Despite being one of the album’s biggest hits, “What’s Luv” absolutely eclipsed “We Thuggin’.” The song, which featured Ashanti and Ja Rule and is widely regarded as Fat Joe’s most popular song of all time, has now evolved into one of the most enduring and evocative songs from the early 2000s. All of these factors combined to produce a degree of success that Fat Joe would never again reach with another album, not even Loyalty from 2002. Jealous Ones Still Envy eventually received platinum certification.

Fat Joe Real Estate

Joe spent $115,000 on an acre of land in Plantation, Florida, not far from Fort Lauderdale, in the year 2000. Then he constructed a 5,300 square foot bespoke mansion. He put the house up for sale in 2010 for $2 million, but no one purchased it. He is still the owner of the property as of this writing.

Fat Joe’s Net Worth

Rapper and producer Fat Joe, who was born in New York, has a $4 million dollar fortune. Fat Joe pursued a lucrative solo career after making a reputation for himself in the early 1990s with the D.I.T.C Crew. He eventually launched Terror Squad, his own record label. Fat Joe has worked with some of the greatest names in the music business over the years. Fat Joe has made a number of film appearances aside from music.

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