Fantano Divorce: Full Details

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Fantano is an American music critic and manager of a YouTube account. He was born on October 28, 1985. He runs the YouTube account called The Needle Drop as well as the streaming channel known as Twitch.

Billboard describes Fantano as the Tik Tok music critic and he normally discusses and reviews music from a wide range of genres online.

Fantano spent much of his teenage years in Wolcott, Connecticut and he nurtured his interest in politics. His interest in politics was awakened by the work of musician, Jello Biafra. Jello Biafra was the former lead singer of the punk band, Dead Kennedys.

Fantano had his education at Southern Connecticut State University and graduated in 2008 with a degree in Liberal Studies. The career of Fantano started in the mid-2000s when he worked as a music director for the Southern Connecticut State University radio station.

He was the host of The Needle Drop on Connecticut Public Radio. Later on , he launched The Needle Drop first of all in a written review before having a series of video reviews on a YouTube channel named The Needle Drop in 2009.

To avoid violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Fantano had to remove older reviews that contained music clips from the channel.

It was in 2011 that Fantano decided to concentrate on The Needle Drop on a full-time basis but still worked at Connecticut Public Radio until 2014.

He declined to have an album review show on Adult Swim. As of 2017, Fantano had gotten at least one million subscribers. He was the winner of the 2011 O Music Awards in the Beyond The Blog Category.

Fantano Divorce

Fantano married Dominique Boxley. Dominique Boxley is an American actress and screenwriter.

Fantano and Dominique Boxley met in the early 2000s and their love for music kept them together.

Speculations went rife about the divorce between Fantano and Dominique Boxley after Fantano stopped mentioning and including his wife in his videos.

However, in 2018, Fantano and Dominique Boxleyon YouTube denied that they were divorcing.

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