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Fabio Testi became well-known in the Italian film industry after being born in Peschiera del Garda, Italy, on August 2, 1941. He saw the enchantment of filmmaking that would influence his destiny on the shores of Lake Garda, which marked the beginning of his adventure in the film business.

Early Life and Career

Testi was first attracted to the glamour of movies, even though he was pursuing a degree in design. His first job was as a double and stuntman on movie sets. He gained notoriety as a stuntman on Sergio Leone’s classic spaghetti western “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

Testi made his cinematic debut in “Straniero… fatti il segno della croce!” (Straniero, Make the Sign of the Cross), directed by Demofilo Fidani. Testi went on to work in what movie historian Roberto Curti refers to as “low-grade genre” movies, such as the thriller “Death Knocks Twice” and the Zorro movie “The Avenger, Zorro.”

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His big break came when famous filmmaker Vittorio De Sica cast him in “The Garden of the Finzi-Continis,” which went on to win an Academy Award for De Sica. As a result of his success, Testi rose to fame in Italy, playing parts in both artistic projects and genre movies, such as those directed by Claude Chabrol and Giuseppe Patroni Griffi.

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As an actor, Testi solidified his reputation in the 1970s with roles in crime dramas such as “Gang War in Naples,” “Blood in the Streets,” and “The Big Racket.” Along with working with filmmakers like Lucio Fulci, he also ventured into the Giallo genre such as “What Have You Done to Solange?” and “Red Rings of Fear.”

Testi’s success in films began to decline as the 1980s went on, so he turned his attention to television work. He starred in the drama “A Gun for a Cop” by Silvio Amadio and the thriller “The Uranium Conspiracy” by Gianfranco Baldanello. Impressively, Testi took up Philippe Leroy’s role in Enzo G. Castellari’s miniseries “The Return of Sandokan.”

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Testi became involved in reality television in the early 2000s, appearing in programs such as “L’isola dei famosi” in 2003 and “El gran hermano” in Spanish in 2005. He has dabbled in politics, participating in the 2006 Cattolici Liberali Cristiani mayoral campaign in Verona.

Who is Fabio Testi’s Girlfriend?

Currently, Fabio Testi seems to be possibly single. However, he has been in relationships with several actresses. He was married to the Spanish actress Lola Navarro, in 1984 but separated in 1996.




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