Ewe Traditional Marriage List

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This post contains:

  • The Ewes traditional marriage list. The specific items you’ll have to provide to the family of the lady you want to marry
  • Other relevant information about Ewe marriage

Ewes and the Ghanaian community at large take traditional marriages serious and therefore place a high value on it.

As a result, all marriage rites in Ewe are cherished and deemed important.

On top of that it forms part of our heritage as Ghanaians.

Like ordinary Ghanaian traditional marriage, a boy who seeks for the Ewe engagement list from a bride’s family is considered as one who is actually ready to marry.

Likewise, all other African marriages take traditional marriage seriously.

For that matter, if this kind of marriage rite is not performed in the Ewe tribe, the marriage is not fully considered as a marriage.

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A man who wants to marry is expected to pass through several processes among which is the provision of the items in the engagement or traditional marriage list which is presented to him.

In this article we take you through the complete list of items in the traditional marriage and engagement list given by Ewe families to the groom and his family.

One important aspect of the Ewe traditional marriage is that it is recognized under the Customary Marriage and Divorce Law PNDC Law 112 (1985).


Ewe traditional Marriage List

After everything has been agreed upon, necessary customary rites in the Ewe’s way has to be done. The man is asked to bring the items on the traditional list to the bride and her family.

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The items on the list include the following.

Knocking List

The specific amount of the items listed may differ depending on the family needs and size.

  1. Castle Bridge
  2. Akpeteshie
  3. Bear Atukpa
  4. Crates of minerals

Items for engagement or Ewe traditional marriage

  1. Dowry/bride price
  2. Pieces of traditional cloth (could be GTP)
  3. Pieces of underwear
  4. Lady’s panties
  5. Engagement ring
  6. Pairs of headgear
  7. Pieces of red pant (Godizie)
  8. Kitchen stool
  9. Valice
  10. Pieces of lady’s bag
  11. Holy bible
  12. Piece of cloth for mother in law
  13. Piece of cloth for father in law
  14. Bride price for brother (amount varies)
  15. 1 pair of kente cloth
  16. Cooking utensils
  17. Enough food and drinks for the event
  18. Bottles of castle bridge
  19. Crate of beer
  20. Bottles of Akpeteshi
  21. Bottles of wine
  22. Create of minerals
  23. Money for the father and mother of the lady
  24. Money for bride to start a business or its equivalent.
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Note: the groom is supposed to give some money to the bride’s brothers.

However, if she does not have direct brothers, her cousins are preferred.


If there are some items we have omitted from the list, kindly give us a notice by leaving a commnet behind.

We will add it as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

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  1. It’s obvious that marrying an Ewe girl is very expensive, however, it is a well known fact that different people belong to different social status, so what happens to those grooms who cannot afford to pay that chain of dowry as listed above.


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