Erwin Strahl Cause of Death: Full Details

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Erwin Strahl was born on  February 12, 1929 in Vienna. He was an Austrian actor. He attended the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna.

His first engagement was at the  Klagenfurt City Theater in 1948. The first stage appearance of Erwin Strahl was in 1950 at the private theater “Die Insel”. He has also made guest appearances in Lucerne, Zurich and St. Gallen.

Other theaters he has worked at include Münchner Kammerspiele, Theater in der Josefstadt and Theater am Kurfürstendamm. He initially played the lead role in an educational film and also got the chance to feature in some local films in the 1950s.

Erwin Strahl was known to play the role of smooth, negative characters. Erwin Strahl was appointed a full honorary member of the European Cultural Workshop (EKW) in the Admiralspalast Berlin in recognition of his many years of outstanding contributions to theater, film and art. That was in 2009.

Erwin Strahl Cause of Death

Erwin Strahl died on April 20, 2011, in Vienna. He was buried in the Hietzinger Cemetery. The cause of his death is not readily known.

Erwin Strahl Marriage

Erwin Strahl got married to the actress Waltraut Haas, in Vienna on July 28, 1966. Prior to that, he was married to actress Franca Parisi. Erwin Strahl and actress Waltraut Haas gave birth to a son called Marcus Strahl. Marcus Strahl was born on July 2, 1968,.

Erwin Strahl Filmography

Erwin Strahl has been featured in a lot of films over the years he was actively acting. Some of these films are 1949: From girl to woman, 1952: Adventures in the Castle, 1952: The Spendthrift, 1953: Southern Nights, 1953: Your heart is my home, 1953: Franz Schubert – A life in two sentences and 1954: Wedding Bells

Others are 1954: Your mouth promises me love, 1954: Encounter in Rome, 1954: On the Reeperbahn at Half Past Midnight, 1955: The Holy Lie, 1955: Three Days of Middle Arrest, 1956: The Abduction from the Seraglio (TV), 1956: The nights are long in Hamburg as well as 1956: See you again at Lake Constance.

The likes of 1957: The Hunter of Fall, 1957: For two pennies tenderness, 1957: Vienna, your city of my dreams, 1958: Mikosch, the pride of the company, 1959: The Frog in the Mask, 1959: Intimacies (TV), 1959: Jovanka and the others (Jovanka e le altre / Five Branded Women), 1960: Honeymoon in Hell, 1961: Robert and Bertram and
1961: Those who go to the dogs (Les honors de la guerre) also form part of the filmography of Erwin Strahl.

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