Emily Atef’s Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Parents, Boyfriend, Husband, Biography, Wikipedia, Children, Birth Date.

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Emily Atef can be described as a German-French-Iranian filmmaker who was born on May 6, 1973. It must be noted that Emily Atef was just seven years old, she relocated from Berlin to Los Angeles with her parents and her brother, Cyril Atef, the drummer.

Later on, when she was 13 years old, they moved to France where she had her education. She worked as an actress in the London theatre scene and subsequently got back to Berlin. While in Berlin, Emily Atef studied film direction at Deutsche Film-und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB).

She directed Molly’s Way after he studies at DFFB and also worked on two other films co-authored by Esther Bernstorff. Molly’s Way won her the award for Newcomer at the Munich International Film Festival. It also won her Best Script and Grand Jury Award at the Mar del Playa Film Festival.

She also worked on Das Fremde in Mir as well as Tote Mich.
Emily Atef also worked on 3 Days in Quiberon and it was premiered at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival. It competed for the Gold Bear. The film turned out to be the big winner at the German Academy Awards. The film won seven Lolas in 2018.

Some of the films to the credit of Emily Atef include XX to XY: Fighting to Be Jake(2003), Marseille(2004), 2002(2004), Molly’s Way(2005), The Stranger in Me(2008), 3 Days in Quiberon(2018), More Than Ever(2022), and Someday We’ll Tell Each Other Everything(2023).

Her accolades also include the following: An advancement award for Molly’s Way, German Independence Awards for The Stranger in Me and the Otto Sprenger Award for The Stranger in Me.

Emily Atef’s Age, Birth Date.

Emily Atef was born on May 6, 1973. She is currently 50 years old.

Emily Atef’s Biography, Wikipedia

Her details are available on Wikipedia.

Emily Atef’s Height, Weight

The height and weight of Emily Atef are unavailable.

Emily Atef’s Boyfriend, Husband, Children

She is believed to be single. She has no children.

Emily Atef’s Net Worth

Her net worth is pegged between $100,000 and $ 1 million.

Emily Atef’s Parents

The father of Emily Atef comes from Iran and her mother comes from France. Their names are unavailable.

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