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It all started in 1975 when Elton John greatly impressed thousands of audiences as he pulled off onstage at Dodgers Stadium in a sequined baseball outfit. Just as Elton John, you can command eyes unto yourself if you try this baseball costume. I mean, if you purchase one for yourself!

Many people including fans of Elton John want to know more details about the baseball costume. Even most people are making enquires about the price and where they can purchase some of this baseball costume. Take it easy, this post is meant to address all those issues.

In this post, I will tell you: why Elton John is very popular, the price of Elton John baseball costume and where you can purchase one for yourself. 

Why Is Elton John Popular? 

Elton John was born with the birth name Reginald Kenneth Dwight. He was born on 25th March, 1947 in Pinner, England. He is a well known singer, actor, music producer and composer. Aside music, he has appeared in numerous films or TV shows. 

Sir Elton Hercules John is the eldest child of his father (Stanley Dwight) and the only child of his mother (Sheila Eileen). He was raised by his maternal grandparents in a council house in Pinner. 

He schooled at the following schools: Pinner Wood Junior School, Reddiford School and Pinner County Grammar School. At age 17, just before his A-Level examinations, he stopped schooling to pursue a career in music. His father would’ve love him to become a banker instead but, he choosed to follow his dream career. Luckily for him, both his mother and father are into music.

Elton John’s musical success begun at the early stages of his life when he was 15 years old. Fortunately for him, he had supportive parents. Due to aid from his mother and stepfather, he was hired as a pianist at a nearby pub, the Northwood Hills Hotel at age 15. The rest is history! 

Hit Songs Recorded By Elton John

Check some of the hit songs of Elton John below.

  • “Across the River Thames”
  • “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing”
  • “All Across the Havens”
  • “All Quiet on the Western Front”
  • “All That I’m Allowed”
  • “All the Girls Love Alice”
  • “All the Nasties”
  • “Amazes Me”
  • “American Triangle”
  • “Amoreena”
  • “Amy”
  • “And the House Fell Down
  • “Angeline”
  • “Answer In The Sky
  • “The Aquarium”
  • “Are We Laughing”
  • “Are You Ready For Love”
  • “Back To Paramount”
  • “Back to the Aquarium”
  • “Bad Side Of The Moon”
  • “Ball and Chain”
  • “Ballad Of A Well-Known Gun”
  • “The Ballad Of Blind Tom”
  • “The Ballad of Danny Bailey”
  • “Ballad of the Boy In the Red Shoes”
  • “Belfast”
  • “Believe”
  • “Bennie and the Jets”
  • “The Best Part of the Day
  • “Better Have a Gift” 
  • “Better Off Dead”
  • “Between Seventeen and Twenty”
  • “Big Dipper”
  • “Big Man ina Little Suit
  • “The Big Picture”
  • “Billy Bones and the White Bird”
  • “Birds”
  • “The Bitch Is Back”
  • “Bite Your Lip (Get Up and Dance!)”

Elton John Baseball Costume

Elton John Baseball Costume 2

This outfit was first seen in the movie Rocketman. It comes with: Sequin Baseball top with Dodgers Logo on front and ‘Elton 1’ on back, Sequin Baseball pants, Blue belt, Sequin baseball hat and (sunglasses & baseball bat not included). 

Price Of Elton John Baseball Costume

The Elton John Baseball Costume costs $140.00 — $155.00. 




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