Elsa Writer and First Wife of Alberto Moravia: Full Details

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Alberto Moravia was known to be an Italian novelist and journalist. Alberto Moravia was born on November 28, 1907, and it must be noted that his novels touched on modern sexuality, social alienation and existentialism.

Alberto Moravia was born in Via Sgambati in Rome, Italy, to a wealthy middle-class family. His father was Carlo, an architect and a painter. Teresa Iginia de Marsanich, of Dalmatian origin, was the mother of Alberto Moravia. 

Alberto Moravia is well-known for his debut novel Gli indifferenti (The Time of Indifference 1929) and for the anti-fascist novel Il Conformista (The Conformist 1947), the basis for the film The Conformist (1970) directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.

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Some of the works of Alberto Moravia include La cortigiana stanca (1927) (Tired Courtesan, trans. Bernard Wall (1954)), Gli indifferenti (1929) (The Time of Indifference, trans. Angus Davidson (1953), Tami Calliope (2000), Inverno di malato (1930) (A Sick Boy’s Winter, trans. Baptista Gilliat Smith (1954)), Le ambizioni sbagliate (1935), La bella vita (1935), L’imbroglio (1937) (The Imbroglio, trans. Bernard Wall (1954)), I sogni del pigro (1940), La caduta (1940), La cetonia (1943) and L’amante infelice (1943) (The Unfortunate Lover, trans. Bernard Wall (1954)).
Others are La vita interiore (1978) (Time of Desecration, trans. Angus Davidson (1980)), Impegno controvoglia (1980), La cosa e altri racconti (1983) (Erotic Tales, trans. Tim Parks (1985)), L’uomo che guarda (1985) (The Voyeur, trans. Tim Parks (1986)), L’inverno nucleare (1986), essays and interviews, Il viaggio a Roma (1988) (Journey to Rome, trans. Tim Parks (1989)) and La villa del venerdì e altri racconti (1990).

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Alberto Moravia recounts that he suffered from a tubercular infection of the bones. He was confined to a bed for five years.

Moravia was president of PEN International, the worldwide association of writers between 1959 and 1962.

Elsa writer and first wife of Alberto Moravia

The first wife of Alberto Moravia was Elsa Morante. Alberto Moravia and Elsa Morante separated in 1962 but they never divorced.

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Subsequently, Alberto Moravia lived with the young writer Dacia Maraini. Elsa Morante was an Italian novelist, poet, translator and children’s books author. 

She was born on August 18,1912. Some of her novels include Diario 1938 (1938) (Diary, publ. Einaudi, 1989 , Menzogna e sortilegio (1948) (House of Liars, trans. Adrienne Foulke, 1951; also as Lies and Sorcery, trans. Jenny McPhee, 2023) ,L’isola di Arturo (1957) (Arturo’s Island, trans. Isabel Quigly, 1959; trans. Ann Goldstein, 2019) ,La storia (1974) (History: A Novel, trans. William Weaver, 1977) , and Aracoeli (1982) (Aracoeli, trans. William Weaver, 1984) .

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