Elfi Graf Husband: All You Need To Know

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Elfi Graf is an Austrian Schlager singer. She was born in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg on November 20, 1952. Elfi Graf grew up in  Dornbirn, Vorarlberg with her two siblings.

With regard to her music career, she studied classical music for a while but couldn’t complete the course.

Later in 1971, Elfi Graf decided to take part in the talent competition called  Show Chance. She emerged winner of the Show Chance talent competition and through that, she got discovered by the schlager singer Gus Backus discovered her in Talentschuppen.

Elfi Graf worked as a telephonist for some time, but had her first hit with Herzen haben keine Fenster in 1974.

Herzen haben keine Fenster was written in English as My Melody of Love and it was a hit for Bobby Vinton. It was also written as Don’t stay away too long, which was a hit for Peters and Lee.

Elfi Graf has her song , Herzen haben keine Fenster, chosen as as number three in a list of ‘feelings charts by  Jan Feddersen in 2008.

Elfi Graf won the Goldene Europa and the silver Bravo-Otto in 1974 and also had other hits such as Am schönsten ist es zu Hause (1976) and Mozartgasse 10 (1977).

Elfi Graf competed in the German preliminary round of Grand Prix der Volksmusik in 1990 with the song Einen Adam, einen Apfel und ein kleines Paradies.

Later in 1995, she took her chance in the Austrian round with the song Lieber Leierkastenmann. She lives Götzis, Vorarlberg and continues to perform at schlager festivals.

She has a daughter who was born in 1982. She is Heidi.

Some of the songs released by Elfi Graf are Herzen haben keine Fenster 1973, Wer auf die Liebe warten kann 1974, Orphelias Traum 1974, Er ist ein Schatz 1975, Tango in der Bar von Fernando 1975, Am schönsten ist es zu Hause 1976, Mozartgasse 10 1977 and Die Stunde der Wahrheit 1977.

Others are Sommerwind 1977, Hoffnungslos verliebt in dich (Hopelessly devoted to you) 1978, Sunday Girl 1979, Einen Adam, einen Apfel und ein kleines Paradies 1990 and Rote Rosen lügen nicht 1992.

Elfi Graf Husband

Available information and reports point to the fact that Elfi Graf is currently single and not dating anyone.

Even though she uses the name Elfi Graf as an Austrian Schlager singer, Elfriede Rupp is her original name.

Her net worth is estimated to be about $5 Million. Some of the CDs she has released are Herzen haben keine Fenster,Jedes Herz braucht doch nur eine Heimat 1994,Wenn mei Herz a Fensterl hätt’ 1994,Versprich mir keinen Regenbogen 1994, Eine Hand voll kleiner Träume 1996, Aber Dich vergess ich nie 2001, Lieder und Geschichten zur Weihnachtszeit and Ich hör dir zu 2006.

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