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Edoardo Stoppa is an Italian television presenter with a diversified career spanning many fields, including acting, psychiatry, extreme sports, and most notably, animal welfare activism. He was born in Milan on November 20, 1969. His entertainment career has not only demonstrated his adaptability but also made him a well-liked character who is referred to as “the brother of animals.”

Early Life and Education

Following his academic path, Edoardo Stoppa graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of Padua; nonetheless, his love of the arts drew him to the performing industry. His career path, which combined psychology, entertainment, and activism, began when he studied acting under Lino Damiani’s tutelage.


In his early TV appearances, Stoppa presented shows like “Prima delprocess” and the “Call Game” series at Match Music and LA7. His varied sporting interests, which ranged from martial arts to skydiving and snowboarding, gave his hosting positions a dynamic character. Notably, he oversaw National Geographic on LA7 for four seasons, demonstrating his flexibility as a documentary filmmaker and presenter.Stoppa co-created and presented All Music’s fashion-focused comedy series, “Modeland,” as well as a music-focused program called “Music Zoo.”

His endeavors also included hosting “Village” and performing in “Scherzi a parte” episodes on Mediaset networks. His long career also included work in radio and film, demonstrating his versatility as an entertainer.Edoardo Stoppa has been a vital member of the SKY team since March 2006, when he co-hosts the global E! News format with Ellen Hidding. Because of his love of extreme sports, he was able to explore the world of heart-pounding activities while hosting the show “SHOCK” on Sky Vivo.As a correspondent for “Striscia la Notizia” from 2008 to 2020, “The Brother of Animals” Stoppa became well-known.

Because of his segment’s emphasis on animal welfare situations, he became known affectionately as “the brother of animals.” Stoppa’s investigative reporting was essential in rescuing animals from dangerous circumstances and apprehending those who commit animal abuse.In 2011, Mondadori published Stoppa’s book, “Luckily You’re There,” recounting encounters with animals that profoundly impacted his life. Even after his time on “Striscia la Notizia,” Stoppa continued his commitment to animal welfare as a correspondent on the program “Every Morning,” where he addresses issues related to animals and the environment.

Who are Edoardo Stoppa Parents?

There is no information about Edoardo Stoppa’s parents. It seems he keeps his parents out of the public.




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