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Edoardo Leo, an Italian actor, director, and screenwriter, was born in Rome on April 21, 1972. His career in the film industry has been distinguished by his adaptability, ardor, and dedication to narrative. Leo’s artistic journey started early, and he has since had a big influence on both the small and silver screens. He graduated from Sapienza University of Rome with a degree in Philosophy and Literature.


In 1995, Edoardo Leo made his professional acting debut in the television film “La luna rubata.” This marked the beginning of his acting career. Leo started taking acting classes at an early age, which fueled his enthusiasm for the art and laid the groundwork for a career spanning all genres and forms.

Edoardo Leo had a breakthrough event in 2003. He was cast as Marcello in the television series “Un Medico in famiglia,” which thrust him into the public eye and won him praise for his outstanding performance.

Edoardo Leo broadened his creative boundaries in 2009 when he directed and wrote the road movie “18 Years Later.” In addition to showcasing Leo’s artistic abilities, the movie won praise at several international film festivals. He was nominated for a Nastro d’Argento in the same category and for Best New Director at the prestigious David di Donatello for his directing debut.

The contributions Edoardo Leo made to Italian film have not gone unappreciated. He was recognized for his contributions to the business in 2014 when the Silver Ribbon Awards presented him with the Nino Manfredi Prize. Leo further cemented his reputation with his 2015 comedy flick “The Legendary Giulia and Other Miracles,” which took home the Nastro d’Argento and the David di Donatello of the Youth awards.

Who are Edoardo Leo’s Parents?

There is no information about the parents of Edoardo Leo’s parents. It seems he keeps his family out of the public.




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