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In the vibrant world of talent competitions, one name that has recently soared to prominence is Aaron Cenere, the stage name of Edoardo Boari. Born in Nocera Umbra in 2005, this young and exceptionally talented artist has quickly become a standout contestant on Amici 22, captivating audiences with his soulful voice and compelling songwriting.


Aaron’s musical journey began at a remarkably young age. Growing up with a deep passion for singing and songwriting, he found solace and expression in music from his early years. His commitment to his craft steadily evolved, transforming a childhood hobby into a promising career.

Receiving the endorsement of the esteemed panel of professors is a noteworthy accomplishment in the realm of talent contests. Rudy Zerbi, a well-known person in the music business, supported and mentored Aaron Cenere when he accomplished this achievement and did it unanimously. His enrollment at the Amici school signaled the start of an exciting new phase in his musical career.

Aaron’s musical gifts have already made a lasting impression, even if his trip on Amici 22 is only in its early stages. Aaron has been creating songs since he was 14 years old. Of his many compositions, two have already been hits: “Diecimila occhi” and the viral smash “Universale,” which went viral on TikTok.

During the first few episodes of Amici, host Maria De Filippi revealed a more nuanced aspect of Aaron’s life in a heartfelt disclosure. Writing songs gave Aaron a way to express himself and find comfort amid his worries. It turned into a therapeutic release, assisting him in turning his worry into a strength as well as a coping mechanism. In the words of Maria De Filippi, “Today, anxieties are his strong point.”

The track “Universale” not only showcased Aaron’s songwriting abilities but also granted him a coveted spot on Amici 2022/2023. The song, along with his compelling cover of “Per due che come noi” by Brunori Sas, catapulted him into the spotlight and solidified his presence in the competition.

He is a talented hip-hop dancer in addition to being a gifted vocalist and songwriter. But he has decided to focus on his singing on Amici, where he has drawn the judges’ and the audience’s attention and appreciation.

Who are Edoardo Boari Parents?

There is no information about the parents of Edoardo Boari. It seems he keeps his parents out of the public.




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