Edelgard Hansen’s Husband; All You Need To Know

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Who Is Edelgard Hansen?

Edelgard Hansen is a German actress and director born in 1955 in Flensburg.

She received her initial training as an educator and is a Flensburg native. Nevertheless, while pursuing a career in acting, she joined the amateur company directed by the Flensburg Theater’s theatre director.

Edelgard Hansen - Actress - e-TALENTA

Hansen first acquired her professional theatre experience at the Berlin Mouse Theatre after living for a while in England. She picked up puppetry, visual design, and other skills here.

At the University of the Arts in Berlin, she later finished her acting studies between 1980 and 1984 and received a diploma. At Berlin’s Freie Volksbühne, she had her debut acting role.

Hansen joined the Bochum theatre’s cast permanently from 1986 to 1989 under the direction of Frank-Patrick Steckel. She then began working as a puppeteer at the Fliegen Theatre in Berlin in 1989, where she also oversaw a number of plays.

In addition to Rudolf Schmid, the Flying Theater’s director, Hansen won the youth theatre award “IKARUS” numerous times during her tenure there.

Since the late 2000s, Hansen has performed in various films and TV shows in addition to her theatre career. She has been in supporting roles in TV films and shows such family Dr. Kleist (2013), SOKO Leipzig (2012), and SOKO Wismar (2014).

Additionally, Hansen has directed plays and created her own creations. She is a respected personality in the German entertainment sector thanks to her talent and commitment to her trade.Edelgard Hansen - Actress - e-TALENTA

Hansen, a Federal Association of Film and Television Actors (BFFS) member, lives in Berlin and is still actively pursuing her acting and directing careers. She is a well-known and highly respected character in both theatre and film thanks to her diverse abilities and wealth of experiences.

Edelgard Hansen’s Filmography

  • 2009: The Black Channel Returns (TV Movie)
  • 2012: SOKO Leipzig : Driven (TV series, one episode)
  • 2013: Family Dr. Kleist : Beginnings (TV series, one episode)
  • 2014: SOKO Wismar : Omelette Surprise (TV series, one episode)
  • 2017: Sissi without Franz (short film)
  • 2019: My friend, the disgust (TV movie)
  • 2020: Cord (short film)
  • 2020: The Usedom thriller : about giving and taking
  • 2021–2023: Red Roses (Telenovela)
  • 2022: SOKO Hamburg : Silence or Die (TV series, one episode)
  • 2023: 2 in a Million (TV Movie)

Who Is Edelgard Hansen’s Husband?

Edelgard Hansen’s husband is known as she has not come out to make known who her husband actually is.

She prefers to keep her family away from the media and the public as possible as she can.

Edelgard’s contribution to the world of film and theatre production can never be taken for granted as she has contributed her quota to making the German movie industry very recognised all over the world.

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