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Sit tight as we bring you the current price of Duromine in Ghana as of August 2022. But before that let us delve into the realm of what Duromine is and what the prescription of the drug is.

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What is Duromine

If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more and have tried to reduce weight through lifestyle modifications without success, you may benefit from taking Duromine.

By lessening hunger or making you feel fuller for longer, Duromine suppresses appetite and aids in weight loss.

The best way to utilize Duromine as part of a comprehensive weight-loss regimen is in conjunction with a balanced, healthy diet and frequent exercise.


One capsule (15 mg or 30 mg) of Duromine taken once daily in the morning is the recommended dosage.

The appropriate dosage for you will be recommended by your doctor.

You might not necessarily lose more weight or lose it more quickly if you increase the dose. However, a higher dose will probably result in additional adverse effects.

Always use Duromine exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

The dosage, frequency, and any specific instructions are listed on the pharmacy label of your medication.

Duromine Price

How to Take  Duromine correctly

To avoid keeping you up at night, take Duromine right after breakfast in the morning.

It makes no difference whether you take this medication before or after food.

If you miss your morning Duromine dose, take it no later than lunchtime. You could also omit the dose you skipped and take your subsequent dose at the regular time the following day.

Any later than noon and you can have difficulties falling asleep at night if you take Duromine.

Never double up on a medication to make up for a missing dose.

Side effects?

Changes in heartbeat, high blood pressure, restlessness, trouble sleeping, nervousness, tremor, headache, dizziness, fainting, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, stomach cramps, difficulty urinating, skin rashes, problems with sexual function, and feelings of extreme happiness followed by fatigue are typical side effects.


Actually, there is no fixed price for Duromine. That is to say, the pricing varies in terms of location and agents you happen to buy from.

Nevertheless, the price range for Duramine is between Gh 390.00 to Gh 550.00 per bottle (30mg)

Where to buy

Below are some of the places you can acquire Duromine at affordable prices.

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