Dstv Prices In Ghana

By | September 5, 2023

Ghana is home to many different cultures, but the country as a whole loves good theatre. Dstv has been the go-to place for premium content for a long time, with a wide range of packages to fit different tastes and budgets.

This piece will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of DStv by showing you the different packages and how much they cost in Ghana.

Dstv Prices In Ghana 1

Prices of DStv Packages

Go through the updated price list of DStv Ghana below;

Package Number of Channels Price per Month (GHS)
DStv Premium 150+ with 38 HD channels 600
DStv Compact Plus 135+ with 30 HD channels 380
DStv Compact 120+ with 20 HD channels 225
DStv Family 95+ with 10 HD channels 130
DStv Access 75+ with 7 HD channels 70
DStv Padi 40+ channels 45
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DStv Premium

The prestigious DStv Premium package is the top of the DStv world. It has more than 150 plus channels with 38 HD channels, making it the best way to watch TV. This top-level package can be bought for a reasonable GH¢ 600 per month.

DStv Compact Plus

The DStv Compact Plus is a great choice for people who want a wide range of programmes without spending a lot of money. It has more than 135 channels with 30 HD channels. One can subscribe to this package at a fee of GH¢ 380 per month.


Dstv Prices In Ghana

DStv Compact

The DStv Compact package includes a wide range of leisure options at a price that’s hard to beat. Subscribers can watch films, TV shows, sports and material for kids on more than 120 plus channels with 20 HD channels. For one to enjoy all these amazing features of the DStv Compact, he or she will pay GH¢ 255.00 per month .

DStv Family

DStv Family is intended to meet the needs of the whole family, having 95 plus channels with 10 HD channels. It has leisure shows, news, documentaries, and more, so everyone can find something they like on the DStv Family. DStv Family is indeed good for a family and it costs GH¢ 130 per month.

DStv Access

DStv Access gives people on a tight budget access to a world of pleasure. It has 75 plus channels with 7 HD channels. DStv Access shows a wide range of local and foreign films, TV shows and kids’ shows. You can get the DStv Access package at GH¢ 70 per month.

DStv Padi

The Padi package is DStv’s way of making sure that everyone can enjoy the pleasure that comes when watching your exciting TV program. With  40 plus channels, it gives you a look at entertainment, news, and other material from around the world. At only a price of GH¢ 45 per month, DStv Padi is a great way to get started with TV.

Where To Get DsTV

1. DStv Service Centers: If you live in Ghana, go to one of the DStv service centers. You can sign up for DStv and buy the necessary equipment at these centers, which are also approved dealers. They can also help you if you have any questions or need computer support. Visit the DStv Ghana website or call their customer service to find the closest service place.

2. Go to the main website of MultiChoice Ghana, which is the company that runs DStv in Ghana. On their website, you can find information about what DStv packages are offered, how much it costs to subscribe, and how to get in touch with them. You can also sign up for DStv online and have it sent straight to your house.

Dstv Prices In Ghana

3. DStv Accredited Dealers: In Ghana, there are a number of approved DStv dealers and agents. These stores sell DStv decoders and tools, and they can also help you set up your subscription. On the DStv Ghana website or by calling their customer service, you can find a list of sellers who have been approved.

4. Online Retailers: In Ghana, some online stores sell DStv goods and services. You can look for reliable e-commerce platforms or websites that sell DStv decoders and other related equipment. Make sure to choose a seller you can trust and who has good scores and reviews.

5. Supermarkets and Electronics shops: DStv products are also sold in many supermarkets, electronics shops, and appliance stores in Ghana. You can ask about DStv decoders, dish installations, and subscription choices at these stores.

As we look into the heavens of DStv in Ghana, we find that there are packages for every taste and budget. From the stunning DStv Premium to the affordable DStv EasyView, DStv has a wide range of channels and material to meet the needs of all entertainment seekers.

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So, whether you like sports, films or documentaries, go on this cosmic trip and discover the fascinating world of DStv. Visit an authorised DStv dealer or their website to choose the plan that meets your entertainment needs and join the millions of Ghanaians who enjoy the best of television.

Frequently Asked Questions (DStv Ghana)

What are the features of the DStv Premium?

The DStv Premium comes with features such as; Latest blockbuster movies, Award-winning series, All sports games with 16 SuperSport channels and Free Showmax streaming service.

What are the features of the DStv Compact Plus? 

The DStv Compact Plus has features such as; Best football coverage with Champions league, UFC and NBA, Award winning documentaries and international series and movies.

What are the features of DStv Compact?

The DStv Compact has features such as; The English Premier League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, International movies, series, and reality shows, All kids and educational channels, Best local and
international news and WWE Wrestling 24/7 channel.

What are the features of DStv Family?

The DStv Family has features such as; Entertainment for all the family, Lifestyle, music and documentaries, La Liga, Serie A, Europa League, More kids, movies, series, dramas and  novellas.

What are the features of DStv Access?

The DStv Access has features such as; Great movies on Africa Magic Epic and M- Net Movies, Premier League, La Liga and Serie A games on SuperSport Football, Great kids and educational channels and Local and International music.

What are the features of DStv Padi?

The DStv Padi has features such as; Great Local content on Akwaaba Magic Abusua, Edge of your seat Drama Series, Unmissable soaps, Engaging Lifestyle Shows and Informative international news  channels.


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