Dressing Mirror Price in Ghana


Everyone wants to look good before they step out. Getting a dressing mirror will do you good by allowing you to thoroughly check yourself even before you step a foot out.

Some use dressing mirrors for solely decoration purposes, others use for their intended purpose. Mirrors come in different folds. Some are luxurious, others basic.

If you need to know how much each of these dressing mirror costs then you landed on the right page.

The prices of dressing mirror vary across board. Several factors come into play when pricing these items. Some of the include the size, brand, quality and others.

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Below are the prices of various dressing mirrors in Ghana.

Prices of Dressing Mirrors in Ghana

Mirror price
Normal dressing mirror GHC 45 – GHC 80
Double layer mirro GHC 500
Mosaic mirror GHC 400
Led mirror GHC 200
Dressing mirror set GHC 300


Normal dressing mirrors are usually sold by hawkers in traffics or neighborhood. You can purchase from these vendors if you see one.

Otherwise, visit the nearest store to buy yourself a dressing mirror.

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