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Drake Bell Wife: Meet Janet Von Schmeling. June 2023

Janet Von Schmeling is the wife of Drake Bell. She has a child with Drake Bell who is called Jeremy Drake Bell. Drake Bell is an American musician and actor. Janet Von Schmeling was born June 1, 1994 in Orlando, Florida, USA but currently resides at Costa Mesa, California, United States of America.

Her father is Chief Master Von Schmeling and has Barbara Von Schmeling as her stepmother.Janet Von Schmeling has two siblings.Her mother, Barbara, is a hairdresser, and her father, Chief Master Von, is a real estate agent.  She has two half-siblings; a brother Hermann Von Schmeling and a sister Victoria Von Schmeling.

She had her education at Florida Atlantic University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Janet Von Schmeling also has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration at the same University.

With regards to religion, Janet Von Schmeling can be best described as a Christian and has a straight orientation towards sexuality. She stands at 5ft 6 inches and weighs approximately 55kg. She is best described as a model, actress, producer as well as an entrepreneur.

She rose to fame and recognition after she performed in the  2017 movie titled Dawning of The Dead. Besides this movie, Janet Von Schmeling has managed to star in several films as well as television shows. She was part of Just Jenna in 2016 and Painting Autumn in 2017.

With regards to her marriage to Drake Bell, it has been noted that they married secretly in 2018 after they dated for about five years. No one knew the two lovebirds had married until June 29, 2021 when Drake Bell revealed the long-kept secret.

After four years of marriage, Janet Von Schmeling and Drake Bell decided to have a separation and Drake Bell publicly made this known on January 2, 2023.

In August 2020, Drake Bell was arrested on charges of domestic violence against Janet Von Schmeling. Even though he initially denied the allegations against him, he subsequently pleaded guilty to attempted child endangerment and disseminating matters harmful to juveniles, both felonies and was sentenced to two years probation.

As a model, actress, producer as well as entrepreneur,Janet Von Schmeling is believed to be valued between $3 million and  $4 million.

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