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About Dr. Justin Dean

Dr. Justin Dean is a chiropractor, physician, and sports therapist who was born in the United States on June 30, 1988. He is the founder of Dean’s Sport Therapist and the former husband of Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi. Prior to becoming a doctor, he gained experience operating tractors at nearby farms in Eastern Oregon.

Early Life and Education

Dr. Justin Dean was raised in an Eastern Oregon town where he was born and raised. At nearby ranches and farms, he was taught how to operate a tractor, combine, and harvest while he was still a child.

After high school, he received a scholarship to run cross country and track in college.

During his collegiate track career, Justin Dean discovered a passion for athletics, biomechanics, and the boundaries of the human body.


Justin Dean once dreamed of becoming the best doctor in the world and helping as many people as possible.

What does Korra Obidi’s husband do for a living, people have been asking? He is a chiropractor, medical doctor, and sport therapist.

The talented professional makes her wife happy since he is excelling in his endeavors.

Dr. Justin Dean Nationality

American-born Dr. Justin Dean was raised there. He was created in an area in eastern Oregon.

He is a white man who is married to Korra Obidi, an actress and dancer who is also lovely and black.

Dr. Justin Dean Net Worth

American medical professional and sports therapist Dr. Justin Dean. He is thought to be worth $10 million.

Personal Life

The fact that Dr. Justin Dean is married to award-winning dancer, actor, and recording artist Korra Obidi is no longer a surprise.

The famous pair is not afraid to show off their love and family life in their social media images.

They have two children as a result of their marriage.

June Chidiebube Dean, the first child born to Korra Obidi Dean, was born in 2019, and their second kid was born in 2022.

Dr. Justin Dean revealed that he divorced Korra on Friday, April 1, 2022 using the Instagram live feature. He claimed that he did so because she had made derogatory remarks about their children.

She allegedly uses abusive language to make him feel bad, according to Justin Dean.

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