Don’t Speak Lies And Propaganda Influenced By Evil – Adom-Otchere Responds To Prof. Atuguba’s Coments On Likely Coup In Ghana. May 2022

Professor Raymond Atuguba had bemoaned a likely coup suggested in a PhD student’s thesis at a public forum  which took place in Accra. Samuel Huntington’s PhD thesis suggested there could be a coup in Ghana due to current economic hardships.

“We do not want a coup in this country yet I fear that if we do not act quickly, we may have one on our hands very soon. A former colleague doctoral PhD student wrote his dissertation also on Ghana.He now teaches at a War College in the US. Whilst my topic was on the Ghana Police, his topic was on the Ghana military.Naturally, our paths intersected and we have remained friends since. My friend’s PhD thesis was on the topic ‘Why certain coups succeed and why others fail;”his stated and also highlighted that the case study was in Ghana.

However, the host of the Good Evening Ghana; Paul Adom-Otchere seem not to agree with the professor’s  revelations. While on show on March, 1, 2022 ,he requested the Professor stops spewing lies and propaganda influenced by evil. According to him, there wasn’t even a threat of coup during the government of John Dramani Mahama, which the professor was part and so there is no likely coup that could happen because of the current economy Ghana is in.

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According to him, John Dramani Mahama’s government presided over the worst economic turmoil in Ghana and yet nothing as a coup happened. The broadcaster believes Akuffo-Addo’s economic achievements are better compared to Mahama.

“You Dr. Atuguba, you were a member of John Mahama’s cabinet [in 2013 at a time the cedi was ranked worst currency in Africa]. This was an economic crisis not occasioned by COVID but occasioned by pure mismanagement of the economy and ineptitude .Dr Atuguba, you were sitting in John Mahama’s cabinet, no COVID, nothing and this is what you gave us in 2013; did you call for a coup at that time? Did you know then that when there is economic hardship there will be coup?”, Adom commented.

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He further added that; “Dean of the Faculty of Law says that the reasons why there is a coup is economic hardship, you have been Executive Secretary in the cabinet of a government that presided over one of the worst economic hardships in the history of the country without global pandemic, nothing. You inherited the economy from yourself.„and after five years of managing the economy, this is what you gave us. There was no pandemic anywhere nothing to occasion this kind of thing apart from gross ineptitude and accelerated mismanagement.. nobody called for coup in 2013; the opposition NPP never called for coup at that time…”

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While looking at the picture of the professor, Adom-Otchere chastised him to repent and never repeat such a mistake again. “Speak the truth…, don’t speak lies and propaganda influenced by evil. These kinds of propaganda is influenced by evil; it is coming from the pits of hell, when you look at the people who are talking…it is only evil that can make you do that. Dr. Atuguba, don’t do that again. You are a nice guy, we respect you; don’t do that again, don’t let partisanship worry you ok? This partisanship is evil, repent, read John 3:1 6; repent,” he stressed.


Don't Speak Lies And Propaganda Influenced By Evil - Adom-Otchere Responds To Prof. Atuguba's Coments On Likely Coup In Ghana 1












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