Doctors Salary in Ghana. Full Details

By | October 25, 2020

You are here probably because you want to know doctor’s salary in Ghana. A lot of questions have been asked concerning how much medical doctors earn in Ghana.

In this post, we at Ghana Insider are going to give you all the facts about the salary of doctors in Ghana.

Medical doctors are trained to cater for the sick. They prescribe medications, diagnose, perform surgeries, give medical advice (consultation) and many more.

In Ghana, the more your years of experience as a doctor, the higher your salary. This implies that Senior medical doctors are paid higher than Junior medical doctors and house officers.

Specialist doctors are the most paid doctors in Ghana. Doctors in Ghana fall under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and are paid by the Ministry of Finance.

You might be planning to pursue a career in Medical Degree but have little or no knowledge about the salary structure of doctors in Ghana. That is the main reason why this post has been written.


Summary of article

  • How much does a doctor earn in Ghana?
  • What is the salary structure of Doctors in Ghana?


Doctors Salary Structure in Ghana

A doctor in Ghana earns GHS 3,139.00 – GHS 6,078.00. Several factors determine the actual salary.

House Officers

House officers are doctors who have just completed their medical degree, successfully passed their examinations and doing the one year mandatory service/internship (housemanship) as specified by the Medical and Dental Council, Ghana.

This is a May 2020 payslip. It therefore has the correct and current information.

Salary details and description

  • SS Market Premium = GHS 1, 578.82
  • Single Spine Monthly Salary = GHS 2,546.00
  • SS Fuel Allowance = GHS 715.05
  • SS Housing Allowance = GHS 381.90
  • SS On Call Duty Facilitation Allowance = GHS 318.25
  • COVID 19 Income Tax Waiver = GHS 1007.25


  • Social Security Contribution Employee (SSNIT) = GHS 140.03
  • Income Tax = GHS 1007.25
  • Ghana Medical Association Fund Deduction = GHS 200.00
  • Ghana Medical Association Dues = GHS 60.00

Monthly salary of doctors without deductions (GROSS)

House Officers = GHS 6, 547.27

Junior Doctors =

Senior Doctors =

Specialist =


Salary after deductions are made (Net Salary)

House officers = GHS 5,139.99

Junior doctors = GHS

Senior doctors = GHS

Specialist = GHS


Annual salary of doctors in Ghana

House Officers = GHS 30,545.71


Things to note (Important Information)

Under normal circumstances, taxes should have been deducted from the salary but the government has given a tax waiver for all health workers due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.



Aside the monthly pay given to a doctor, there might be financial bonuses that comes directly from the facility he or she is working with.

The monthly payment given to doctors in Ghana is considerably manageable.

However, due to the high rate of living in recent times, most doctors opt for a second or part time job or even start a business.  Some also do locum at other facilities.

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