Did Vicky White Have Siblings? All You Need To Know

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Did Vicky White have any siblings? How many siblings did Vicky White have? Read on as we find out about the siblings of the former Lauderdale County Assistant Director of Corrections.

Who Was Vicky White? 

Vicky White was a 56 year old American officer who later became a fugitive after allegedly helping a capital murder suspect escape from jail.

She was serving as the Assistant Director of Corrections for the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO).

She had worked there for almost two decades and was planning to retire in a few days time before the incident happened.

Vicky White had an impressive career as a corrections officer for several years but for some reasons became a fugitive and later took her own life. She was an example to many at her work place and was highly respected by her subordinates.

However, she later took advantage of the respect they had for her to manipulate the system and help Casey White, a capital murder suspect escape from jail.

She was a widow at the time hence it seems she got attached to Casey and somehow thought it was possible to enjoy her retirement with him. But unfortunately for her, they were eventually spotted after 11 days but shot herself to death even before she could be captured by the authorities.

Did Vicky White Have Any Siblings? 

Unfortunately we are unable to confirm at the moment whether Vicky White had any siblings or not.

The Former Former Lauderdale County Assistant Director of Corrections was living a normal life without much attention from the public until she allegedy helped an inmate escape from jail.

Her mother, Davis White spoke to CNN while the search for Casey and Vicky was on going as she expressed her concern and her hope that she comes home alive.

She said “the whole thing has been a nightmare. I just want my daughter to come home and to come home alive”. She then gave a little detail about her daughter’s daily routine but never mentioned anything about her siblings.

Since the incident happened, nobody has come out to speak to the media or testified in court as her sibling. So our guess is that she probably had no siblings.

Did Vicky White Have Any Kids? 

No. Vicky White had no kids. Although she was once married, she never had kids of her own neither did she adopt any.

Was Vicky White Married? 

The former Lauderdale County assistant director was not married at the time the incident happened. She was actually a widow but we have no information about her dead husband.

Interestingly, Casey White called Vicky “his wife” when he surrendered. According to Commander Deputy U.S. Marshal Chad Hunt, Casey White said “help my wife, she just shot herself.”

However, it is not clear till date if indeed the two were married at any point in time.

How Old Was Vicky White? 

Vicky White was 56 years old. Prior to her death, she was serving as the Lauderdale County assistant director of corrections.

She had worked there for about 16 years and planned on retiring by April 29, 2022.

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