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By | February 10, 2022

Decathlon Ghana is one of the well established sporting goods retailers in the country. Its parent company is Decathlon S.A. 

Interestingly, sports products at Decathlon Ghana are designed and produced by the company (Decathlon S.A) itself. Due to this, sports products at Decathlon Ghana are affordable (less expensive) and of a higher quality.

Actually, the company deals in a wide range of sporting products. Therefore, Decathlon Ghana is not limited to only one sporting discipline. 

Decathlon Ghana serves closely to 65 different sports disciplines. For instance: Decathlon S.A produces football products, basketball products and etc. 

Today’s post take a look at Decathlon Ghana’s Background, Products And Prices, Contact Informations and more.

Key Points

The entire post consist mainly of the following sections below:

  • Details About Decathlon Ghana
  • Products At Decathlon Ghana
  • Prices Of Products At Decathlon Ghana
  • Contact Details Of Decathlon Ghana

About Decathlon Ghana

Decathlon Ghana is one of the subsidiary companies of Decathlon S.A, which was established in 1976 in France, Lile. However, Decathlon S.A is headquartered in Villeneuve d’Ascq.

Currently, Decathlon S.A is the biggest sporting goods retailer in the world. The company has not less than 1697 stores in 60 countries and regions. The company is into the research, design, production and, distribution of products like: Clothing, Sportswears and, Sports equipments.

Decathlon Ghana’s Products

There are several products available at Decathlon Ghana. You can explore all this product on their website,

Some Products Of Decathlon Ghana

  • Exercise & Fitness Products
  • Dance & Gymnastics Products
  • Dumbbells & Weights 
  • Walking & Jogging Products
  • Team Sports Products
  • Cycling Products
  • Water Sports Products
  • Beach Sports Products
  • Skating Products
  • Racket Sports Products
  • Precision Sports Products
  • Combat Sports Products
  • Hiking Sports Products
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Bodybuilding Equipments
  • Nature Sports Products

Prices Of Products At Decathlon Ghana

Take a look at how much some products of Decathlon Ghana cost.

Product Price
weight training rack chin-up / Squat / Bench Press / Back PuLL GH¢ 4060
Weight Training Compact Home Gym GH¢ 3340
Hybrid Size 5 Football F550 GH¢ 145
Treadmill T540c Connected GH¢ 4930
Basic Exercise Bike Eb 140 GH¢ 1670
Adult Badminton Racket Br 500 GH¢ 220 
Thermobonded Size 5 Football Fifa Pro F900 GH¢ 180 
Thermobonded Beach Soccer Ball Size 5 GH¢ 195 
500 Fold-down / Incline Weight Bench GH¢ 670 
V500 Volleyball – White/blue/red GH¢ 150 
Boys’/men’s Size 7 GH¢ 170 
Adult Dry Pitch Football Boots Agility 100 AG/FG GH¢ 145 
Backpack 10 L GH¢ 28
Hybrid Football F500 Size 4 GH¢ 100

Decathlon Ghana Locations

You can locate Decathlon Ghana stores at: 

Junction Mall, [email protected]

Kawukudi, [email protected]

Decathlon Ghana Contacts

Junction Mall

WhatsApp: +233 50 599 9070

Phone Number: 059 417 7283


WhatsApp: +233 50 599 9070

Phone Number: 030 397 0041

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