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Déborah Rosenkranz Ex-Boyfriend; All You Need To Know. September 2023

Who Is Déborah Rosenkranz?

Déborah Rosenkranz is a German-French singer, songwriter, and author born on March 18, 1983.

She was raised in a religious home with three brothers in Weil am Rhein. Her father, Daniel Rosenkranz, was a pastor at the Freie Christengemeinde Stockach until 2008. Her mother is French.

Déborah Rosenkranz
Déborah Rosenkranz

Déborah started her first band, Mercy Seat when she was 12 years old. She accompanied The Young Continentals on their “North Tour” across Europe.

She also had a significant eating disorder during this time that lasted for seven years. She was able to recover from this condition with the support of her parents and their faith.

Déborah started her flight attendant training in 1998 with Basel-based airline Crossair. From 2000 to 2001, she was employed by Swiss International Air Lines. She left her home country of Canada at the age of 21 to study music for a year at Sydney’s Hillsong International Leadership College.

Déborah continued working as a flight attendant for InterSky in Bregenz after arriving back in Germany. She became well-known for surprising passengers with impromptu singing performances and received the moniker “The singing flight attendant”.

Her talent brought her opportunities, including the chance to play at a Miss InterSky election event and a record deal offer that she declined. She additionally took part in the second Miss InterSky competition.

Déborah produced “Flying Above,” her debut track, in 2008. When she appeared on Stefan Raab’s TV programme TV Total, she had a breakthrough in the music business. In 2008, the song was made available on more than 300 music websites.

After this achievement, Déborah made the decision to resign her position as a flight attendant and concentrate on her singing career. She has been collaborating with Daniel Platisa, a producer from Q-Lab who has worked with musicians like No Angels.

For the American charity initiative “Orphans Promise” on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Déborah sang the song “Distant Dream” as the theme song in 2010. CBN decided to assist her career in the USA as a result.

Déborah Rosenkranz
Déborah Rosenkranz

The album “Cool Worship” that she later recorded was released in Brazil, the United States, and later in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Israel Houghton, a four-time Grammy Award winner, gave Déborah his endorsement for her debut solo album, “Powerful.” They worked together on the song’s title while discussing their own tragic events and personal struggles.

Déborah published her autobiography, “So Hard to Feel Easy” in 2011, in which she discussed her life experiences and the lessons she took away from them.

Deborah Rosenkranz has also taken part in a number of charitable endeavours. She was a co-founder of the therapeutic residential facility Power2Be Bethanien for women with eating disorders. She does preventative talks in schools and prisons as a speaker for the Sepp Herberger Foundation’s “Initiation for a New Life” programme.

Deborah is a devoted Compassion International ambassador who frequently travels to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, for her father’s Passion for Africa project, where she assists the most needy people and sings for them.

The “A Miracle for Every Day” project, which Déborah is an author for in addition to her singing career and charitable endeavours, sends daily encouragement to many individuals throughout German-speaking Europe via email and audio.

Déborah Rosenkranz Ex-Boyfriend; All You Need To Know

Déborah Rosenkranz’s ex-boyfriend’s details are currently not known as she has not made known if she has previously been in a relationship.

Rosenkranz is currently very much focused on herself as well as her career as a songwriter and author.

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