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Data Bank Investment Packages. May 2023

Databank’s purpose, from its inception in April 1990, has been to help consumers achieve financial independence by teaching financial literacy and providing a comprehensive choice of investment options.

Databank serves local and foreign people, multinational enterprises, pension trusts, and institutional investors in the ECOWAS sub-region by providing corporate financing, brokerage, fund management, and research services.

Investors can access fixed-income investments (such as Treasury Bills), trade shares listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange, and take use of corporate finance advising services through our brokerage wing. Investors can access more mutual funds (Epack, MFund, BFund, ArkFund, and EdIFund) than any other investment bank in Ghana, as well as institutional fund management for corporate, benefit, and endowment funds, pension fund management, and private wealth management services through our asset management wing.

Their award-winning research department delivers the most up-to-date information about the Ghana Stock Exchange, its listed firms, the Ghanaian economy, and other pertinent economic and financial issues to institutions and individuals.

Databank Student Investment Account (DSIA)

The Databank Student Investing Account (DSIA) is a tailored investment package for tertiary students. DSIA combines a Databank mutual fund with additional perks like financial seminars, career planning counseling, rewards for staying invested, and a membership card with discounts at a number of retail shops across the country.

DSIA’s ultimate purpose is to assist students in saving for future aspirations such as continuing their education, starting a business, or even purchasing a car. This one-of-a-kind student account also contributes to the development of a culture of investing in young people to help them generate wealth for the future.

Every DSIA deposit is placed in the EdIFund Tier 1 fund (Tier 1 seeks to achieve its objective by investing up to 30 percent in equities in Ghana and other parts of Africa, and between 70 percent to 100 percent in fixed-income products).

Dreams should not have to wait until graduation day with DSIA.

Databank Epack Investment Fund (Epack)

Databank Epack Investment Fund (Epack), incepted in 1996 and Ghana’s first mutual fund, is an equity-based mutual fund that aims at yielding significant returns on investors’ capital over the long term through investments in listed pan-African equities with high growth potential.

Epack appeals to many different types of investors across all age and income groups, with a variety of financial goals. The common trend, however, is that these investors are looking for an investment that will provide significant returns as they work towards a particular long-term goal (e.g. buying real estate, a car, etc.).

The typical Epack investor is willing to take on more risk to achieve higher returns, and therefore less likely to lose sleep at night if the value of his/her funds fluctuates in the short term.

With Epack, investors get to enjoy well-researched stocks traded on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) and 9 other African stock markets. This helps to diversify investor-risk and yield significant growth in the long term.

Databank Ark Fund (ArkFund)

Databank Ark Fund (ArkFund) is Ghana’s first and only ethical mutual fund. With a large emotional component, ethical investors let their concern and respect for wider social and environmental issues drive their investment decisions. Such investors are aware of the effects of socially irresponsible companies and choose to make a stand for change. By accommodating a wide range of investors with varying values, ArkFund does not invest in companies that damage the environment, manufacture or sell arms or alcohol, exploit animals or people or promote gambling, to name a few.

ArkFund mobilizes funds from investors (shareholders) and invests in high quality equities as well as fixed-income securities, and seeks to provide you with the opportunity to make an impact on society while achieving capital growth.

Databank Educational Investment Fund

With the cost of quality education increasing at a higher rate than most peoples income, it gets a little harder each year to pay the bills and still have enough money set aside for your childs future education. So how do you give your child the quality education you desire for them, without being stressed on a daily basis? Databank Educational Investment Fund (EdIFund) offers you the solution.

EdIFund is a mutual fund created to help people invest towards financing their educational needs. Its innovative two-tier structure offers you the complete package including: a short-term investment component (Tier 1) for current and recurring educational needs, and a long-term investment component (Tier 2) for future educational needs, and a built-in Life and Total Permanent Disability insurance cover to protect your investment in the event of tragedy.

To achieve their objectives, Tier 1 invests up to 30% in equities in Ghana and other parts of Africa, and between 70% to 100% in fixed-income products, while Tier 2 invests up to 60% of its investments in equities in Ghana and other parts of Africa, and between 40% and 60% of its resources in fixed-income products.

EdIFund seeks to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your educational needs are being taken care of. Take control of your education. Invest wisely. Invest in EdIFund.

Databank MFund

Databank MFund, Ghana’s first money market fund, was launched in 2004. MFund is a low-risk mutual fund that operates as an investment alternative to a savings account to help you meet your short-term financial needs.

At Databank, we believe that planning for the short term is just as important as planning for the long term. Whether you are planning to start a business, purchase a household item or simply growing your emergency fund, we believe your money should grow – even in the short term. And with many savings accounts paying interest that is far less than inflation (i.e., the cost of living), leaving your money in a savings account is not the best option. Financial independence is about having the money to do what you need to do, when you need to do it, without taking on unnecessary debt.

MFund puts you on the road to financial independence by offering you better returns than a savings account, easy access to your funds, and the peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

5 Reasons to Invest with Databank

Proudly Ghanaian

Databank was founded by Ghanaians for Ghanaians 30 years ago. The leadership has since changed hands, but “home-grown” Ghanaians continue to bear the burden. Our ambition has grown to encompass all of Africa, yet our roots remain firmly rooted in Ghana. These roots have given us unique insight into how to effectively service the investment needs of Ghanaians over the past 30 years, and we’re committed to keeping it that way. We will always be pleased to be Ghanaians.


Databank provides Ghanaians with more mutual fund investment options than any other company in the country. MFund, BFund, ArkFund, EdIFund, and, most significantly, Epack are all available. What is the significance of this? Because there are no two investors alike. We have a variety of items to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients. Choice is important, and we’re pleased to provide it.


Leadership is at the heart of what we do, as our logo expresses concisely. We are a leader in the investment products we provide, the research we conduct, and the decisions we make. Databank was formed on the pillars of leadership 30 years ago, and it is our leadership philosophy that has allowed us to maintain a considerable market share.


Databank has had the honor of seeing a number of “firsts” in the Ghanaian investing business. This is something we’re incredibly proud of, not because of the awards, but because of what it means to you. It means that, whether you’re an individual or a business, we’re always thinking of new methods to help you attain financial freedom.

Customized Financial Solutions

Databank can assist you if you are seeking for a private banking experience or a benefit fund, endowment fund, or corporate fund to match your demands. Our wealth management and institutional teams can connect you with professional fund managers and relationship managers who can tailor investing solutions to your specific needs.

Kindly navigate to Databank’s official website for more information.

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