Damian David’s Parents: Full Details

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Damian David was born on January 8, 1992, and he can be described as an Italian singer and songwriter. Damian David is the leader of the rock band Måneskin and the band is noted to have won the  Sanremo Music Festival 2021.

Due to the fact the parents of Damian David were flight attendants, he and his older brother, Jacopo traveled worldwide from an early age. Before he turned 17 years old, he had interest and showed off his talent in playing basketball as a point guard at the local club Eurobasket Roma.

It must be noted that Damian David started singing when he was just six years old. Subsequently, he got into contact with the likes of Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi which led to the birth of the .band Måneskin.

He attended liceo linguistico Eugenio Montale in Rome but he did not complete it as he was so much into music. His style of singing was initially said to be “too pop” but later he changed his demeanor and style, especially his stage persona. Måneskin won at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 but Damian David was falsely accused of drug use during the final.

After the contest, a drug test he underwent came out negative. He noted that he never used hard drugs and as such, he is an anti-drug advocate together with his bandmates.

According to Damian David, creativity comes from a “healthy, trained and lucid” mind and as such, should not be dependent on hard drugs.

Damian David was known to be in a relationship with Italian model and influencer Giorgia Soleri for five years but they separated in June 2023. He is fluent in English and can also speak some Spanish and French.

Damian David can be described as an advocate for racial and LGBT+ rights. He has tattoos of wings and a quote referring to Icarus on his hip, as well as formerly using “Ykaaar” as his username on the social media platform Instagram.

Damian David Parents

He was born in Rome and his parents are Daniele David and Rosa Scognamiglio. It must be noted that both Daniele David and Rosa Scognamiglio are flight attendants.

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