Dainess chef school, courses, fees, admission, address

Do you have a passion for the Culinary Arts but have no clue where to start your journey? Then have a look at this article about one of the best chef schools in Ghana. Dainess chef school is one of the schools to send your children or recommend friends who wish to better their cooking skills.

Dainess chef school was established in 1990 and was born out of the trusted Dainess Foods.  At Dainess chef school, you get to understand the technicalities of food and what it means to apply the knowledge of food in co-creating with our individual market segments.

With the vast experience gained in food and beverage, coupled with the unfettered exposure to industry players, The Dainess Chef School presents the platform on which to go the extra mile in exploring and meeting the needs of our industry players.

At Dainess Chef’s School, their passion is food; and in seeing gastronomy thrive in all aspects applicable, especially in Ghana. Through their courses, students are not just given the opportunity to sharpen in on the theoretical and practical application of the culinary arts, they are also given the opportunity to affiliate with associations and international bodies that promote culinary prowess around the world.

Dainess chef school, courses, fees, admission, address

Dainess chef school Courses features  cuisines and techniques from all over the globe for both sweet and savory dishes.

The school was founded to fill the gap in the market for an advanced culinary training institution in Ghana, Dainess Chef’s school exists to meet the need of the aspiring chef and avid cook alike.

The Dainess Chef’s School aims to be the embodiment of a training institution that seeks to groom seasoned chefs, sharpen the skill of established chefs and passionate cooks to ultimately elevate culinary standards in Ghana.

The Dainess Chef’s School combines creativity with education in fine tuning the skill set of its students to attain international industry trends.

Below are some of the Dainess chef school courses;

 Cake Decoration Course

Dainess Chef school Cake Decoration Course is an intensive course which takes student through fundamentals of cake Decoration all the way to advanced level. Methods of modern cake making,skills of piping,run out and extension work, lettering sugar molding and modeling among many others.


  • Certificate
  • Course ingredients and equipment
  • Snacks

 Cookery / Pastry Chef Course

Participants will be trained in the areas of:
1. How to Fillet Fish.
2. How to properly quarter a whole chicken and Debone a whole chicken.


  • Certificate
  • Course ingredients and equipment
  • Snacks
For more information about Dainess Chef’s School, call +233 279 542 701 or +233 550 670 769.



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