Dagi Bee Ex-Boyfriend; All You Need To Know

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Dagi Bee Biography

Dagi Bee, whose real name is Dagmar Kazakov, was born on September 21, 1994, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Poland’s Katowice is where her parents are originally from. She was raised in Düsseldorf alongside her younger sister Lena. She began training as an industrial clerk after receiving her technical diploma.

Dagi Bee
Dagi Bee

Dagi Bee started dating YouTuber Liont in 2011, who already had his own channel on the website for video sharing.

Dagi Bee consequently made an appearance in some of his videos. She posted her first video, titled “NO-GOs bei Jungs!,” on her personal YouTube channel on October 6, 2012. Her videos mainly included cosmetics and fashion.

Dagi Bee achieved fame on YouTube, and by September 2014, she was one of the 20 most popular German YouTube channels with more than a million members. She frequently worked together with other well-known YouTubers, including BibisBeautyPalace.

Dagi Bee delved into other mediums in addition to her YouTube success. She had roles in the 2015 films “Potato Salad – Don’t Ask!” and the popular German comedy “Fack ju Göhte 2.” On her channel, she also posted music videos, among them “Are You Real” by KC Rebell.

Dagi Bee received praise for her contributions to the YouTube community. In 2015 and 2016, she received the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for “Favourite Video Blogger: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.” In 2017, she received a nomination in the same category.

Dagi Bee
Dagi Bee

Dagi Bee married film editor Eugen Kazakov in 2018 and adopted his last name. In August 2020, the pair launched the music label 23 Hours. The first child of Dagi Bee, a son, was born on December 23, 2021.

Dagi Bee has spent her whole YouTube career discussing a range of fashion and beauty-related issues.

She offered how-to videos for nail art, hairstyles, and makeup. She also published haul films highlighting accessories and makeup. She also produced entertainment-related content, frequently starring her ex-partner Liont.

The youthful audience Dagi Bee attracts has responded favourably to her realistic and personable demeanour.

She has received accolades for having a likeable and genuine personality. Media sources including The Huffington Post and the Badische Zeitung have praised her YouTube achievement.

Dagi Bee has been recognised for her efforts in the YouTube community with numerous nominations and awards. She was a candidate for the Bravo Otto and the Videodays Play award for “most popular social media star.”

She won the “Favourite Videoblogger: Germany, Austria & Switzerland” Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award in 2015 and 2016. She was also given the Signaward in 2016 for being a “Shooting Star in Communication.”

Dagi Bee Ex-Boyfriend; All You Need To Know

Dagi Bee dated YouTuber Liont (Leon Machère) in 2011. When they started dating, Liont already had his own channel and was a well-known YouTuber.

Dagi Bee appeared in a few of Liont’s videos, and their romance was widely acknowledged by their followers. Dagi Bee published her debut video on her own YouTube channel in October 2012, with a focus on fashion and beauty.

Dagi Bee and Liont have amassed millions of subscribers and a sizable fan base on YouTube over the years thanks to their successful YouTube careers.

They finally split up, though, and have since advanced in their individual personal lives.

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