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Curt Bois was a German actor who had as much as 80 years of experience. Curt Bois was born on April 5, 1901, and he died on December 25, 1991. Even though he had featured in a lot of films and other productions, it must be noted that he is well-remembered for the roles he played in Casablanca(1942) and Wings of Desire(1987).

Curt Bois who started acting in 1907, was born to a German Jewish family. In the same year, he played a role in Bauernhaus und GrafenschloB as a child actor. He also played the lead role in Der Kleine Detektiv. Curt Bois is known to have performed in cabaret, theater, talkies, musicals as well as short films.

It must be known that in 1934, he was forced by Anti-Semitism to leave Germany for the United States. While in the United States of America, Curt Bois worked on stage at Broadway. He had the chance in Hollywood in 1937 and also the opportunity to feature in some films.

Some of the films that form part of the filmographies of Curt Bois include Paris After Dark (1943) as Max (uncredited), Princess O’Rourke (1943) as Count Peter de Candome, Swing Fever (1943) as Nick Sirocco, The Desert Song (1943) as François, Cover Girl (1944) as Chef at Danny McGuire’s, Gypsy Wildcat (1944) as Valdi, Blonde Fever (1944) as Brillon, The Spanish Main (1945) as Paree, Saratoga Trunk (1945) as Augustin Haussy, Jungle Flight (1947) as Pepe, The Woman from Tangier (1948) as Parquit, Arch of Triumph (1948) as Tattooed Waiter, French Leave (1948) as Marcel, The Woman in White (1948) as Louis, Up in Central Park (1948) as Maitre d’ (uncredited), Let’s Live a Little (1948) as Chemist (uncredited) and Caught (1949) as Franzi Kartos.

Others are Kiss in the Dark (1949) as Hugo Schloss, The Lovable Cheat (1949) as Count de la Brive, The Great Sinner (1949) as Jeweler / Money Lender, Oh, You Beautiful Doll (1949) as Zaltz (uncredited), Joe Palooka Meets Humphrey (1950) as Pierre and Fortunes of Captain Blood (1950) as King Charles II.


Curt Bois’ Age, Birth Date

Curt Bois was born on April 5, 1901, and he was 90 years old at the time of his death. He died on December 25, 1991.

Curt Bois’ Biography, Wikipedia

The biography and other details of Curt Bois are available on Wikipedia.

Curt Bois’ Height, Weight

The height and weight of Curt Bois are yet to be updated.

Curt Bois’ Net worth

The net worth of Curt Bois according to one source was $1 million at the time of his death.

Curt Bois’ Parents

The names of his parents are NOT readily available. However, he is known to have been born to a German-Jewish family in Berlin.

Curt Bois’ Girlfriend, Wife, Children,

He was known to have been married to Hedwig Ury. Curt Bois was previously married to Dagmar Bois. For now, there is no update on the number of children Curt Bois had.

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