Cristian Sima Wealth: Full Details

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Cristian Sima is said to have been born on May 22, 1961, in Romania. For some strange reasons, Cristian Sima is described as a controversial businessman. Based on information on his Curriculum Vitae, he was a doctor in Maths and a broker who has gotten so much experience in the capital markets of Italy, France and London.

He is noted to be one of the first local investors who was able to start a “brokerage firm” dedicated to international markets. He founded WBS Holding in 1997 in London and was able to invest in international stock markets and the Forex market.

Cristian Sima was on the Board of Directors of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) between March and August 2007. Later in December 2007, he failed to become the President of BVB, after the resignation of Septimiu Stoica.

He was accused by the president of the Association of Brokers and vice-president of the BVB, Dan Paul, of his intention to take control of BVB even though he does not have the right. Subsequently, Cristian Sima sold his shares on the BSE and decided to focus on Sibex.

He again failed to become the President of BVB in 2010. Cristian Sima sold his 9% share in the news portal in September 2012.

He was the president of the Stock Exchange in Sibiu but in October 2012, he was accused by his clients of losing their money in very risky transactions on the Forex market.

He left Romania as a result and over the years, he has built relationships with well-known personalities across the world including Alexandrina Gătej, the former head of Unilever and former presidential adviser, and the singer Tudor Chirilă.

He lost around 3.5 million euros belonging to his clients of WBS Holdings.

Cristian Sima Wealth

The net worth of Cristian Sima cannot be currently confirmed. This is due to the fact that he lost about 3.5 million euros on Forex and he has left Romania to prevent the wrath of his clients.

The 3.5 million euros is said to belong to 60 customers of WBS Holding. It is also reported that his business partner Gabriel Popoviciu, lost 1.4 million euros.

The likes of former finance minister Daniel Daianu and fashion designer Irina Schrotter are also part of the people who have lost their cash because of Cristian Sima.

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