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Cost Of DNA Test In Ghana. May 2023

With the type of technological advancements in our generation, issues of paternal disagreements can be easily resolved with a DNA test. DNA test has really come at a right time in the instance that people used to check paternity with the facial characteristics of the newborn to ascertain the real father. 

We are shedding the light on DNA test in Ghana and the relevant things you need to know. 

Reason Why DNA Test Is Important

Today people use DNA test as their go-to for all their needs in resolving issues surrounding paternity. Below are some importance of DNA test. 

1.Child paternity disputes: DNA testing comes in handy when there is a hot argument between a couple on the identity of the father of the child. 

2. Immigration: If you have any desire of travelling outside the shores of the country with your family, you would need a DNA test to prove you are the biological parent of your child.

3. To get child support and custody: A DNA test may be required by the law courts to establish the biological parents of a child to seek some legal actions against the carefree partner. 

Cost of DNA Test in Ghana

The cost of a DNA test in Ghana is usually dependent on the hospital/laboratory and the number of people involved.

The average cost of a DNA paternity test in Ghana is between GHC 2,000 – GHC 4,000. The hospitals/laboratories charge different amounts with regards to the service they render. 

The most expensive form of the test is the paternity test carried out in the period of pregnancy by a processes called chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis. These kind of tests range between GHC 5,000 – GHC 10,000.

What Are The Requirements For A DNA Test

Owning to the nature of the DNA test, some documentation and other things are required before it can be carried out.  

1. Each person to be tested must provide two recent passport size photos showing your full face and wearing no hat and dark glasses.

2. Each person tested must provide one piece of original ID that can be checked to confirm identity when sampling. Acceptable IDs are Passport, Drivers License, Voters ID, National ID, NHIS card.

3. Certified copy of birth certificate for children to be tested.

A request for a DNA test can be made in two main ways, namely:
1. Legally through a written request from a legal practitioner, the court of law, or a practicing medical officer.

2. By a walk-in (Here the client must be willing to sign the consent form; however the result cannot be presented in the court of law)

What is expected during sampling

On the day of sampling to ensure test results are legally acceptable, a neutral third party, usually a medical officer would collect and authenticate the DNA samples ensuring their integrity. Such a person known as sampler is responsible for verifying the identity of the parties being tested and their subsequent samples.
The sampler will endorse the passport sized photos as follows:
1. [SAMPLERS NAME ] certify that this is the true likeness of [ CLIENTS NAME]
2. Samplers signature
3. Date
All these processes are adhered to, to ensure a strict chain of custody to make the results admissible and defensible in the court of law.

 Places To take a DNA test in Ghana

The following are some venues available for DNA testing

1. The Trust Specialist Hospital Kuku Hill Osu Accra

2. Korle Bu DNA Centre

3. Marie Stopes Ghana, Kokomlemle Centre

4. DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) has operations in Accra, Ghana. DDC Ghana

5. Medlab Ghana

6. Nyaho Medical Centre, Accra

7. Metropolis Healthcare Ghana Limited, Accra

8 . Scientellect Biomedical Laboratory

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