Cost Of Cancer Treatment In Ghana

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One of the major questions patients or their sponsors ask is how much they will pay if their beneficiaries are to receive effective treatment.

Frankly speaking, pointing out a fixed amount for the treatment of any disease including cancer is highly impossible. This is because the treatment process involved is dependent on many factors such as the genetic makeup of the person and sometimes how the patient’s body reacts to the treatment process.

Cancer treatment is quite even harder to predict its cost unless the person is examined. Two people with the same cancer problem do not necessarily mean they have the same solution.

Types Of Cancer Treatment Methods

Different cancer treatment methods will have to be recommended to a different set of individuals.

The treatment method that works on one patient is not directly related to other patients with the same problem. As sad as it is, that is how the medical world particularly cancer is.

This is an averaged pricing or cost of treatment for cancer in Ghana.

In determining the cost of treatment, one should take note that the type of treatment is the basic driving force.

The cost for treatment with Chemotherapy is different from treatment with Surgery so as treatment with Radiotherapy. The drugs and where they are bought from since some drugs are imported is also an important point to consider.

The number of weeks taken for the treatment since some take longer than others. For example, women take an average of ten weeks to finish treatment while men take eight weeks. Most treatment centers have special packages designed to reduce the cost for patients.

Cost Of Cancer Treatment In Ghana

A new patient to the health center for treatment will pick up a patient folder which costs around GHc 50.00

Schedule an appointment with a cancer specialist which will GHc 200 per visit.

Upon deciding the type of treatment, one will have to make payment based on that. A cycle of Chemotherapy costs GHc 1,200 and one will need a minimum of six therapy sessions.

A session of radiotherapy is Ghc 2,000. It is typically dependent on the type of radiation used. One will require a minimum of six therapy sessions depending on the level of growth of the cells. So approximately it will amount to GHc 12,000

A session of Surgical operation will cost around GHc 3,000. This will be based on how the cells are localized.

The cost of lab examinations and other medical tests will add up to the aforementioned cost.

In summary, the cost of receiving treatment for any form of cancer is not specific as a lot of factors come into consideration.

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