Cost Of 1 Km Of Asphalt Road In Ghana


Do you really know how much 1 Km of an asphalt road cost in Ghana. Expensive, moderate or cheap? You will be full of surprise after finding this out in today’s post.

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The Cost Of A 1km Asphalt Road In Ghana

An Asphalt Road 

One may ask, what is an Asphalt Road? 

You can simply tell them, “an Asphalt Road is the one made with an Asphalt”. 

It can be further explained this way; An asphalt is an admixture of aggregates, binder and filler, that is employed in constructing and maintaining roads, railway tracks, bicycle lanes, parking areas, play- and sport areas, ports, sidewalks and also, airport runways. 

Usually, the aggregates utilized for asphalt mixtures include: crushed rock, sand, gravel or slags.

Have this in mind that, to bind the aggregates into a cohesive mixture, a binder is utilized. The most common binder employed in this is bitumen.

Concrete Roads Vs Asphalt Roads

Only few people know that these types of roads exist. So if they exist, how do they differ?

In the actual sense, different materials come with different properties. Taking an asphalt and a concrete into consideration, they are both reliable and strong hence, they are good for construction purposes. However, I will like to state some of their differences below.


Considering the differences between concrete roads and asphalt roads, one of the major differences can be perceived in terms of their durability. 

Concrete roads appear to be more durable than asphalt roads. To add, concrete roads have a longer lifespan than asphalt roads. 

Then again, another main difference that can be realized is that, frequent repairs are not required for concrete roads as compared to asphalt roads. As a matter of fact, harsh or severe weather conditions are likely to cause more damage to asphalt roads than concrete roads.

Damaged From Oil Leaks

Another noticeable difference is that, concrete roads are not damaged from oil leaks. However, oil leaks are likely to damage asphalt roads.


Maintenance is easier with Asphalt Roads than Concrete Roads. 


Asphalt Roads are less expensive than concrete roads. 

Cost Of 1 km Of Asphalt Road 

Somewhere last year, the road minister made it clear that, 1 km of an asphalt road costs GH¢1.5 million. That is a huge sum!


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