Corradino Mineo First Wife: Full Details

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Corradino Mineo can be described as an Italian journalist, politician and television presenter. He worked as the director of the all-news television network Rai News24 right from 2006 till February 2013.

He had to lay down that work because of his political career. He was elected to the Senate of the Republic with the PD ( Democratic Party ).Later, he left the PD ( Democratic Party ) and joined SEL ( Sinistra Ecologia Libertà ).

Subsequently, SEL ( Sinistra Ecologia Libertà )emerged and transformed into SI ( Italian Left ).
Corradino Mineo graduated from the University of Palermo with a degree in philosophy and his thesis was on the ” Asian mode of production “.Corradino Mineo started working on  il manifesto in 1971.

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It must be noted that since 1977, Corradino Mineo has been registered with the Order of Journalists as a professional journalist and in 1978, he joined Rai in the editorial office of the TGR of Piedmont , in Turin, as news editor.

He became head of service, and then the chief political editor of the national TG3 after joining them in 1987. He followed up on the Capaci massacre and the Via d’Amelio massacre and was therefore in Palermo on several ooccasions.

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Corradino Mineo became deputy director of the national TG3 when  Andrea Giubilo became the Director. He was also appointed RAI correspondent in Paris in 1995 till 2003 and he worked in New York from 2003 to 2006.

He became the editor of the weekly magazine Left in 2016. Corradino Mineo was nominated for the Senate of the Republic, in the Sicily region in the  2013 political elections. He joined the  Democratic Party  in October 2013.

Corradino Mineo was the only PD senator to deny the government’s trust in the Jobs Act in December 2014 and in October 2015, he left the Democratic Party group in the Senate of the Republic, joining the Mixed Group.

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This was after he had voted against the Renzi-Boschi constitutional reform.

Corradino Mineo First Wife

Corradino Mineo has been married to Adriana Bellini of TG LA7 since 1995. Adriana Bellini is a journalist. Corradino Mineo and Adriana Bellini have four children: Ivan (born in 1980 ), the twins Elettra and Manfredi (born in 1994 ) and Nathalia (born in 2002 ).

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