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Corinna Miazga was a well-known politician from Germany who served as the party’s Bundestag representative for Alternative for Germany (AfD). Even as she struggled with health issues, her commitment to politics defined her life.

Early Life and Education

Corinna Miazga, who was born on May 17, 1983, in Oldenburg, Germany, spent her formative years there in Hude, Lower Saxony. Despite not finishing her degree, her academic path brought her to the study of law. Her early years laid the groundwork for her future political career.


After the 2017 German federal election, Corinna Miazga began her political career by becoming a member of the Bundestag. She served as the state’s representative for Bavaria and rose to prominence for her work on the Committee on European Union Affairs. She began her political career by promoting the platform and constituents of her party.

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The political career of Miazga wasn’t without its share of difficulties and controversies. The Bavarian AfD state party leadership came under scrutiny in 2019. Tom Rohrböck, a political figure, backed Miazga’s bid for the state chairmanship.

According to rumors, Rohrböck actively encouraged her to run for the job, which caused an unnamed rival to withdraw just before the election. She denied that Rohrböck’s support had a significant impact on Miazga’s victory, despite rumors to the contrary.

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Corinna Miazga encountered a personal challenge in November 2020 when she revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She made the decision to step down from her role as AfD Bavaria chairwoman due to her health. Despite facing health challenges, she persisted in representing her constituents, demonstrating her tenacity and resolve.

Miazga came in second in Straubing in the 2021 Bundestag election, demonstrating her commitment to her supporters and her party. She was committed to representing the interests of her constituents despite having health issues.

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Tragically, Stephan Protschka defeated Corinna Miazga in her bid to be re-elected as the head of the Bavarian party in October 2021.

Who are Corinna Miazga’s Family?

Corinna keeps her family issues out of the public. However, the information about her family.

When did Corinna Miazga Die?

Corinna Miazga lost her heartbreaking fight with breast cancer on February 25, 2023. At the age of 39, she died.


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