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Coral Paint: Price List, Shop Locations, Color Chart.. May 2023

Coral Paint price list in Ghana.

Many painters are regularly searching for the best paint (especially coral paints) to buy.

Most often than not, we are looking for the perfect paints to give our houses a nice touch.

One of such trusted paint brands in Ghana where the best paints can be bought from is Coral Paints Ghana.

The Coral brand has been around for some time now and has gained the trust of many painters and interior decorators in Ghana.

In this article, we are going to update you with the coral paint price list in Ghana as well, the colors, color chart and where to find their shop.

For the past 30 years, Coral Paints has been a leader in the paint sector of Ghana and continues to strive to provide one of the best paints in the Ghanaian construction market.

When it comes to paints you can get at Coral Ghana, they are: the Coral and the Dulux Brands which have always pioneered the market.

Beware of fraudulent distributors that appear like they are from Coral Paints Ghana but are not directly affiliated to them.

At Ghana Insider, we are particular about giving you the latest and right information so keep on reading.

Coral paint price list in Ghana.

Before selecting and buying paint, it is important that you make the right decision to avoid waste of money and resources.

We have therefore put together this piece for you to check whenever you are going to buy Coral Paint in Ghana.

Here are the current prices of Coral Paints in Ghana as sold by Coral Ghana:

Name Price
Coralatex Super-Spreading  100
Dulux luxurious silk  100
Dulux acrylic PVA  100
Coral Acrylic Filler  100
Coral acrylic resin for stones  100
Coral acrylic texture desing  100
Coral acrylic texture rustic  100
Coral acrylic textured paint  100
Coral acrylic varnish  100
Dulux wallguard  100
Dulux weathershield  100
Coral acrylic filler  100
Coral ceramic paint  100
Coral damp-proof epoxy  100
Coral galvanized primer  100
Coral gel for acrylic textures  100
Coral gloss liquid  100
Coral graphite paint 100
Coralgypsum  100
Coralit ultra resistance high gloss  100
Coralit ultra resistance Matt  100


NB: The prices listed here may differ from the current market prices. Thank you.

Coral Paint Colors and Color Chat.

Find the color chat and pick your color from the link below.



Coral Paint Shop Locations.

  1. Main Showroom – Kojo Thompson Rd, Adabraka
  2. Coral Pro Showroom – Toyitso St, N. Industrial Area

Contact Coral Ghana.

You can contact Coral Paint directly on  +233-302-222012, +233-277-222012, +233-242-222012 , +233-502-222012 or visit their website HERE

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