Concrete Pipe Prices In Ghana. Full Details

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In this post, I am going to bring you accurate concrete pipe prices in Ghana and other necessary information about concrete pipes worth knowing. 

Let’s start by first taking a look at what concrete pipes are and what they are used for before we get to their prices on the local market. 

About Concrete Pipes 

A concrete pipe is a form of underground pipe used to direct the flow of liquids or water.

These pipes are commonly used in highway and building sites since they are meant to transport a huge volume of liquid and are built to endure environmental stresses.

This piping is perfect for storm sewer conduits and other infrastructure applications. Concrete pipes can safely channel massive amounts of runoff, flooding, and storm surges away from cities and industrial areas.

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Due to its innate resilience, Concrete pipe remains strong even through disruptive events and stressors.

A concrete pipe has impressive durability, sustainability, and a proven 100-year lifespan, allowing installations to remain functional and effective for many years.

This means that residents and road users will not be disturbed by unnecessary infrastructure rehabilitation or pipe replacement.

Where Is  Concrete Pipe Used?

A concrete pipe is a go-to for any utility project because it is one of the strongest and most durable building materials available.

Because of CP’s proven lifespan, often lasting more than 100 years, uses of concrete pipe include all types of major projects, such as:

  • Large scale irrigation
  • Culverts 
  • Sanitary Sewers 
  • Wells
  • Septic tanks
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Concrete Pipe Prices In Ghana

Below is the price list of concrete pipes in Ghana brought to you kind courtesy of Regimanuel Concrete Product. 

Product  Unit  Price (GHC)
CP 1000 RF 59 pcs 1,938.36
CP1000 pcs 1,180.11
CP1000 RF pcs 1,886.68
CP1100 pcs 1,432.44
CP1100 RF pcs 2,228.07
CP1100 RF 85 pcs 3,214.55
CP300 B pcs 299.35
CP400 B pcs 334.91
CP500 B pcs 430.66


Product  Unit Price (GHC)
CP600 B pcs 543.44
CP800 pcs 811.84
CP800 RF pcs 1,276.08
CP800 RF 54 pcs 1,815.00
CP900 pcs 844.05
CP900 RF pcs 1,327.66


Note: prices are subject to change without prior notice, haulage rates for concrete products are excluding offloading and are only valid for fully loaded flat bed trailers.

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