Companies Under Jospong Group


The Jospong Group of Companies is one of the most diversified holdings companies in Ghana with operations in other African countries and Asia. The company has business interest in about 14 sectors of the economy with its biggest operations in Waste management, ICT and Banking as well as Automobile and Equipment.

Established in 1995, as a printing press, the company has since its inception experienced phenomenal growth and now has operations covering diverse sectors with over 60 companies with a focus on delivery quality services and products using simple technology at competitive prices.

Jospong Group’s core business is to identify gaps, churn out innovative businesses and build capacities to provide value and nurture them to become market leaders; fit to play on both the local and international markets.

Jospong group

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The Jospong Group of Companies is a diversified one having presence in the following industries.

  • Waste management
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Quarry and Mining
  • Agro Business
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics
  • Printing and Publishing
  • International Business


List of Companies under Jospong Groups

  • Zoomlion Ghana Limited
  • Zoom Domestic
  • Recyclying Compost Plant
  • Sewerage Sysems
  • Zoil Services
  • Universal Cleaning Services
  • Appointed Time Printing
  • Africa Institute Of Sanitation
  • Sino Africa
  • Jsa Logistics
  • Amaris Terminal
  • Ja Plantpool
  • Ja Hiring
  • Ja Quarry
  • Ayensu Starch
  • Jsa Farms
  • Park House
  • Universal Plastic Production And Recycle
  • Subah Infosolution
  • Property Data Bank
  • Docupro
  • Melchia Investment
  • Omnibsic Bank
  • Millennium Insurance
  • Cosmopolitan Insurance
  • Union Capital

The above listed companies are under the Jospong Group of Companies in Ghana. According to information found on their website, they have presence in Asia and other parts of Africa.

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