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About Clem Morfuni

Australian Clem Morfuni joined Axis Plumbing Group in 1994 and is currently its managing director. The company now has a global presence and generates $200 million in revenue annually.

Additionally, He is rebuilding the club’s membership and has been making the rounds on the internet as the new owner of Swindon City FC.

He started the season in earnest as the soccer team’s owner last month by naming Ben Garner as manager and signing players.

The Australian has made the decision to invest his whole fortune in the struggling League Two team, having previously held a minority ownership in Swindon Town.

The Robins were without a manager and were prohibited from making any transfers as a result of their recent relegation to League Two. In addition, the city council sued the stadium’s landlord for unpaid rent.

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Clem Morfuni Career

The managing director of the Australian-born Axis Plumbing Group, which was established in 1994 and has a $200 million annual revenue, is Clem Morfuni.

He has been praised by the public for taking ownership of the Swindon Town soccer team. Prior to that, he owned Bristol Rovers from December 2019 to November 2020.

Clem, who had previously been a non-executive vice-chairman and had a small ownership stake in the club.

Ben Garner, a former manager of Bristol Rovers, was swiftly named head coach after that, and numerous new players were acquired prior to the start of the season.

He has been involved in High Court legal battles to defeat Swindon Town for a considerable amount of time. Shortly after buying the team, Ben Garner and Ben Chorley were appointed head coach and director of football, respectively.

He has also directed and managed Bristol Rovers. Clem Morfuni is determined to bring the club back to life and is ready to take any kind of risk to do so.

Clem Morfuni Household

Clem Morfuni’s home is not highlighted because he has obviously not discussed it, therefore it is concealed from view.

And with that, there is currently no information available on them. The businessman, who is 41 years old, seems to like keeping his personal life hidden from the public eye.

In terms of the family, Clem often feels a connection to the group’s members and its support network. His membership is likely to serve as a kind of family for him.

Clem Morfuni Net Worth

Clem Morfuni, the recently announced owner of Swindon Town, must be worth millions of dollars.

He may have a variety of sources of income, which would increase his net worth significantly. He clearly controls a considerable amount of money given all of his knowledge.

Similar to this, his current lifestyle is expensive as a result of his earnings.

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